Silhouette SD Giveaway!




So.  Here is the deal.  I sent the people from Silhouette an email.  Pretty much cause I was bummed that I never won one of the 32 Silhouette Giveaways that all the awesome bloggers were hosting… so then I get an email back.  Lo and behold my blog was awesome enough to host one!

Fo reals.

Silhouette SD

So they so kindly sent me one and I love it.  I named her Madonna,  because before her I was a vinyl virgin. And guess what?!?!  Madonna has a twin sister that wants to come and live with YOU!

So here is what you will win:

1 Silhouette SD, 1 roll of premium black vinyl, 1 roll of premium frosted vinyl, a roll of transfer paper, and a home décor CD.  That’s a value of $375+ people!

Here is how to enter:

MANDATORY: You must show the world that you love my guts by publicly Following Vintage Revivals (like as in click the follow button in the left toolbar) I am in love and I don’t care who knows it! (Name that movie) and leave a comment ON THIS EXACT POST about how much you want to win.

2. You must follow the Silhouette blog also if you don’t already.  Which is freakin awesome, cause they do tuts every week AND have free downloads. Tell them that your favorite blogger sent you. Er….that would be me. mmmkay thanks.

Optional Entries:

1. Tweet the crap out of this post.

2. Facebook it.

3. And as always preform a random act of kindness and make the world a better place.

The Giveaway will end on Sunday Febuary 27, 2011.  I will announce the winner on Monday the 28.

Also I have an awesome discount code that will get you everything listed above for the freakin low price of $225 (that’s over $150.00 off.) by entering the code VINTAGE and for those of you who are LUCKY enough to already own a Silhouette you can use the code VINTAGE to get 25% off all vinyl. Cause that’s how much we love your guts.

Click the pic to buy some!


Make sure you check back on Wednesday to see what I did with Madonna….that kinda sounds gross.

Here are other blogs in blogland that are hosting a giveaway also! Go and up your chances!!

Love Your Guts


Ready and COMMENT!



  1. NO WAY!!! I am the 1st comment, thus first come first serve. Hook a sistah up!!! (I’m a follower or you and Silhouette.)

  2. eeee! I need one of these! Of course I follow you and now Silhouette 😀

  3. Oh Shiz, am I the first one?! Yay for nap time and the chance to actually get on the computer! This sounds awesome and I truely hope I can be so lucky to win this little bad boy… or um, girl, virgin, lady friend?

    Okay, so onto the next steps… HOPE I WIN! Love you madly! :)

  4. Dang!… slooooowwwww computer today… okay so #3 ain’t bad LOL!!

  5. I love your blog… so of course I am a follower…. and I’ve also been a follower of Silhouette because I’ve just been hopin some day I’ll own one!!! LOVE IT!

  6. I love your blog, and I realllllllly want this silhouette.

  7. I’m a follower and I want this bad!

    Love your blog…you totally crack me up! Plus I live in the STG…ask your husband if he knows any Banks’ that went to Pine View, pretty sure he will say yes.
    OK I am going now….but seriously pick me!

  9. Okay, I follow you because I love your guys (and your blog).

  10. I”m a follower too! Please Please Please! Oh the things I would upcycle and recycle if I had this!

  11. And, now I follow silhouette now…oh, and forgot to tell you that I REALLY WANT This because I kind of need it soon for my bathroom redo!

  12. It’s totally Elf. And I totally follow you.


  13. I think the company giving you one is even cooler than winning one on a giveaway (not that I’d complain about winning one). I already follow you. I didn’t know there was a Silhouette blog. I’m heading there now.

  14. And I totally follow Silhouette.


  15. I am a GFC Follower!
    I would love a Silhouette! I have tried forever to win one!

  16. Follow Silhouette Blog also!

  17. I tweeted THE CRAP out of this post. Totally. 😉


  18. I follow you!!!!!

  19. I am so excited about this! I have been dying for one! I hope I win :) Btw, I have 3 or 4 of your projects lined up to try out (tin foil nightstand and zebra rug are top of the list!)

  20. I follow Silhouette too, I got so jealous reading thru it……

  21. Yay! A Silhouette giveaway means you have arrived. Nice Elf reference, also. Gotta throw those in whenever you can.

  22. Umm…today was trash day, and I picked up the rubbish that fell out of our neighbors’ can and put it back in. Does that count for number three? I totally think it does. 😉


  23. I follow your blog and the Silhouette blog! It’s a fabulous machine.

  24. I follow you and am now following Silhouette. Last time I checked their website it did not work with a mac….so I clicked out. But now I see it does….that is great…so now I soooooo want ……need one.

    That line is from Elf!!!

    Thanks so much for the discount code…even if I don’t win the Silhouette….I need some vinyl immediately for a project I have in mind. I’ll just cut it by hand till I can afford the machine.


  25. Stephanie: I am a NEW follower! you are the first one for me to follow. I saw you on Studio 5 and thought you looked familiar! Copper Hills and Our parents neighborhood. I loved working out with your mom at the stake center!! I don’t do much crafts but you have made me want to and save, save save! I already told like 3 other people about your blog and some of your cool things that I love!! A Silhouette? AWESOME!! sign me up stat!

  26. I am following Silhouette’s blog(and yours, too).

  27. I am a follower of your blog and seriously love all of your projects!

    I would love love love to win your silhouette’s twin!

  28. I want one SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad I can almost taste it. Except I’m sure the machine won’t taste that great… but I’d be more than willing to have a taste if I could win one!

    Of course I’m following (stalking) you!

  29. I follow the Silhouette blog too (dreaming of one day owning one)

  30. I saw you on Studio 5 a couple of weeks ago and started following you. I love the stuff you do. It is so cute!! And I have heard so many good things about Silhouette so I really want one to do crafts. I really hope I win!!

  31. I follow you and them (because I keep trying to win one too!)

  32. You are freakin amazing with everything that you do! I am inspired by all that you create. I follow you and I follow the silhouette blog. It would be a dream come true to win this machine.

  33. Oh my gosh! I’m excited. I entered every silhouette giveaway and no luck. sigh…

    So here it goes:

    I follow you.
    I follow Silhouette.
    I want to win SO badly… (I have inspiration board covered in ideas that cry out for a silhouette!)
    And I think the movie quote is from “Elf” which is rad.

  34. I have been trying to win one of these babies for such a long time! I would love it if I won. Seriously.
    And I have been following Silhouette since they starting with their crazy giveaways (that I never won). And I found and followed) your blog on Saturday, so this totally reaffirmed my suspicions that you are rad.

  35. I follow you for shizzle!!!! I didn’t win any of them either, which is why I deserve it this time! :)

  36. I follow the Silhouette blog and I hope I am able to put their awesome projects to good use!

  37. Dear Miss America,
    Love your blog and love the opportunity to win a silhouette. Thanks for all the inspiration and creativity…

  38. I follow you and I follow the Silhouette blog. I’m so jealous! I have to use contact paper for my crafts that involve cutting or stencils.

  39. I have so been wanting one of these. I have to admit that I have been a stalker for a while now but today I went public! I would love to win!!

  40. I follow you and now the Silhouette blog (looks awesome!)!! I would LOVE one of these machines- like you, I never win when I enter. I would totally scream and jump around if I won, then brainstorm all the fabulous things I could make!

  41. Totally follow you and silhouette! Would totally love to win this that way I can stop looking at everyone’s cool projects with envy in my eyes!

  42. I also follow the silhouette blog

  43. I am already a follower of you and Silhouette and like you have never won — that doesn’t discourage me from watching you cut up a rug though (still shaking my head over that one….you are not only amazing – you are extremely brave)!. Let me congratulate you on snagging one and then you can congratulate me when I win!

  44. I follow you and I am STILL drooling over the Silhouette! I’ve been entering contests just like you did!

  45. I’ve been a follower of your blog for a little while now and as of 30 seconds ago I’m a follower of the silhouette blog. Yippee! Please pick me. I want to win so bad. We just don’t have the bucks right now, but I know I could totally rock that puppy!

  46. I follow you! :) Sign me up!

  47. I follow Silhouette blog and commented telling them you sent me.

  48. Oh, and I also follow Silhouette!

  49. My Cricut just isn’t “cutting” it anymore–really though. I need me some Silhouette in a BAD way! I want to win so badly it’s almost killing me!

  50. My random act of kindness is to have a giveaway of my own 😉 check it out!

  51. Oh, that is amazing!! So glad you are no longer a vinyl virgin. Unfortunately, I still am! I follow you and Silhouette! :)

  52. the possibilities are endless. :)

    lauren_kay13 at yahoo dot com.


  53. Ok, first time I’ve ever entered one of these, so I guess I’m supposed to comment for each one of the things I do? I follow you and not just for the giveaway. I LOVE your stuff.

  54. Omg! I want this so bad!! I have so many projects that I would love to do. By the way Love,Love your blog your a great inspiration!!

  55. I now follow Silhouette.

  56. Facebooked it!

  57. Dude, Mandi, you know I deserve this more than all the other “followers” you have. Fo sho.

    Obviously I follow you and Silhouette!

  58. I facebooked it on The Boy Trifecta page!

  59. Aaaaand I tweeted it. I neeeeeeeeeeeed it, Mandi!

  60. done and done. I would love, love, love a silhouette!!!

  61. I have followed your divine blog and the silhouette blog as well. Silhouette is freakin awesome and so is this comp!!!

  62. I follow you. To the end of the earth, through the candy cane forest, past the sea of swirly, twirly gumdrops…

  63. I follow Silhouette blog! Amazing stuff, ideas, products. Man how I’d love to win me Madonna’s twin sister. I’ll name her Ladonna.

  64. I follow you and the silhouette blog! I’m also facebooking this post!

  65. I follow your blog and the Silhouette blog. This thing is amazing and I’m so jealous of all the fun projects bloggers are always doing with theirs. My fingers are crossed…

  66. I follow :)

  67. I am a follower! I love your blog.

  68. Following silhouette blog!

  69. I’m following your blog!! OH, and the movie quote…ELF, just about the best Christmas movie out there!!

  70. I’ve been following your guts for many months through RSS, but now I’m officially following through GFC! Gut-love for the win! :)

    (The quote is from Elf, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love the guts out of Elf?)

  71. I follow you!

  72. And Silhouette blog!

  73. Forgot to say..Pick me …Pick me!! I love the Silhouette, but haven’t been able to convince my hubby that I NEED it yet!!

  74. I Follow You

  75. You have been facebook-ed.

  76. I also follow silhouette.

  77. Following ya both =) Madonna looks like a ton of fun! haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  78. I’ve also been loving the guts of the Silhouette blog for a long time. Was this supposed to be combined with the first mandatory entry? If it was, then oopsie! Color me embarrassed. 😀

  79. I’m following you with google friend connect with the name susies1955

  80. I’m following the Silhouette Blog.

  81. Also-also… shh, don’t tell, because random acts of kindness should be done on the sly, but last night I swept mine and my neighbor’s doorways free of all the unused salt that had been scattered by maintenance during the big snow(s). We do NOT love the guts out of tracking rock salt into our homes — grrr.

  82. I did a HUGE random act of kindness by shoveling our big driveway for my husband in this frigid weather. It took me over an hour and a half. WHEW.

  83. publicly followed


  84. I follow Silhouette already. love it!

  85. tweeted it. I seriously have entered every giveaway and want one of these so much!!/GatorCourtney

  86. Now, I shall bust out in song… “Like a virgin, Hee, touched for the very first time. Like a virrrrrginnn, with your heartbeat next to miiiinnnnnneeee.” I, of course, follow. And, you totally inspired me to start my own blog!!! I totally wanna be you when I grow up! I really, really want a Silhouette (knowing I can’t spell that on my own)!!!!! :) As I tell my 4 children, “I just wanna squeeze your guts out, I love you so much!” :) You’re awesome, even if I don’t win. *insert puppy dog eyes* :)

  87. Oh PLEASE pick me!!!!I am a follower of your guts 😉


  88. I follow you and the Silhouette blog! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you named her Madonna!!! Hmmm….what to name mine????

  89. I follow silhouette’s blog!


  90. crazy is this I was just pricing these out yesterday, but sadly had to give up all hopes of owning one since I could definitely not afford it…mmmm maybe it was meant for me..haha. I want this for just about everything cuz I would not have the thought of paying this kind of money for something to only use once ya know? I recently came across your blog and immediately started following it mainly because you are so real on here and do not try and sugar coat things. OH and of course I love all of your creative ideas you come up with. Jeez girl you should be proud!! You blog has a ton of potential and weather I win this or not I truly do wish the best for yor blog!!

    And the quote is from the ever so silly, family friendly movie ELF

  91. Elf is the movie. I totally follow both y’all. And I want to win badly;)

  92. i follow both you and silhouette! i would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!!!!!!!

  93. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! This makes me want to start blogging- Just so I can get my hands on the much-coveted silhouette!!!! Just pick me!!! I don’t think my blog would be nearly as captivating as yours is!
    ps- I am in love with your living room wall and your red desk!!! :)

  94. I follow you now. I also have been following silhouette’s blog. Super cute things from both of ya’ll. I am so in love with all the cute projects this little machine can do but am without means to get it. I’ll love you forever if I get this!

  95. facebooked it!

  96. random act of kindness- took photos of my family for my wonderful MIL!

  97. Hope its ok to post another comment, but I also follow silhouette’s blog. Thanksbye!

  98. I just bought a new house and am expecting a new baby and can think of a TON of cute stuff to do with this…plus, my husband sucks and pinches our pennies..this would make my life and HIS life easier! It’d be like you saved our marriage…I get to make cute stuff and he gets to be happy it doesn’t cost too much money!

  99. Yesterday I left my quarter in the shopping cart at the grocery so the next person wouldn’t have to use theirs. How’s that for random act of kindness? And I didn’t even know I could use it as an entry!! It pays to do nice things!

  100. I freaking LUV Your Guts Mandi!!!

  101. i so had no idea silhouette had a blog im a follower now

  102. im gonna fb and tell all my friends about it now!!!

  103. Please enter me, I followed you and silhouette. I have an addiction to stenciled t shirts, just think of all the awesome t shirts I could come up with if I could use a silhouette…

  104. I’m a follower and I want that silhouette!!!

  105. ive had you in my rss feed for a while, but now i follow you too!

    the movie is elf!

    i want one soooooo badly but have been unemployeed for almost a year now, and there is no way i could get one with money being so tight :-( so please pick me!!!

  106. Im in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it…-Elf

    I love your site and I follow in Yahoo!

  107. Elf is the movie!! Love, love, love that movie! I am a new blog stalker, I mean reader. My friends kept talking about the great blogs they followed and I finally dove in and am now hooked!! I am trying to get a bunch of my friends hooked and yours was one of the great blogs I used to demonstrate how awesome it is. I love all the great ideas you share. My recent caves are the old mirror how to’s. I’m going to use your ideas from them to create a glass hanging lamp with an aged-mirror finish! I have heard about this AMAZING silhouette. I would love to have one if these to make amazing things or myself and friends but especially for the kids at my inner-city school and my church! I sure hope you will pick me!!

  108. I lust after a Silhouette more than I do Gerald Butler. I need to wake up and find one of these beside me.

    PS – I follow your blog – love it!

  109. I discovered your blog about a month ago and am addicted to your creative ideas! I’m in the middle of the acid wash mirror project. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a Silhouette. Ah the possibilities…..

  110. Oh I follow you as KelliC and Silhouette too!

  111. I follow both you and the silhouette blog! *fingers crossed because I know the perfect project already!*

  112. oh my goodness I want this so bad! like so so so BAD! I follower you and have for a looooong time now – like an original follower :)

  113. i’m a follower of silhouette

  114. I tweet tweet tweeted about this!!!

  115. I’m a follower. I used my friends to make baby shower cards and now I’m jealous….I NEED one!

  116. I’m a fan of silouette on facebook and a blog follower!

  117. I FB’d & tweeted it. I already follow the Silhouette blog.

  118. I’m facebooking it right now!

  119. Must have!

  120. Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

    I’m a devoted follower now! I just found your blog a few days ago.

  121. I follow you and Silhouette’s blog! My fingers are totally crossed!!! Thanks!


  122. Oh, I am so a follower and so a fan of Silhouette. I WANT ONE…I NEED ONE…CAN I HAVE THIS ONE?

  123. I am a follower of the Silhouette Blog…but it just makes me want one even more! And my last name is Moore!

  124. I’m a follower of you and I really really want this neat machine – Please pick me!!

  125. Tweeting and Facebooking this too!!!

  126. line from Enchanted…and I LOVE this blog and I now follow Silhouette, now can I win PRETTY PLEASE. I REALLY want one!!!!

  127. I’m a public follower of your blog!! Great giveaway!
    geobrimtall at yahoo dot com

  128. I’m a public follower of Silhouette! I hope I win, that would be soooo exciting!
    geobrimtall at yahoo dot com

  129. I’m pretty sure I’ve entered almost ALL the Silhouette giveaways out there…and still no luck. Maybe this is it! Luck, be on my side!!!

  130. Fingers and toes crossed!!!

  131. I follow the Silhouette blog too…so I’m now certain that Madonna’s twin wants to live with ME!

  132. I follow you and Silhouette and keep dreaming of winning one of these machines!

  133. I am a follower of both you and Silhouette. I want this so bad, otherwise I will have to wait until November and my birthday.

  134. Consider yourself tweeted. Cause I did. :)

  135. Did I mention I follow you? Well, I do.

  136. And I’m a Silhouette follower too!

  137. I follow your blog and the Silhouette blog. I have hardcore Silhouette envy. I feel like I need it to live.

  138. I was already a follower!! Love your blog and creative ideas. I want a Silhouette more than my next meal :) Hope I win!!

  139. I follow You.

    I’ve wanted a silhouette forever and I can’t bring myself to spend the money!

    I hope I win!

  140. i am a followerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  141. I follow silhouette

  142. Diane Ross says:

    I follow you! I REALLY want Madonna’s twin!! I do A LOT of work for Women’s retreats and this would REALLY be a wonderful tool to have!!

  143. i love the elf quote you incoorperated. very nice. :)
    huzzah for silhoutette machines!

  144. I perform random acts of kindness. :) I believe in “car-Karma” and I also loaned a stranger in line in front of me 50 cents who was short money at the store.:)

  145. totally follow you, public love… And I don’t just WANT to win this, I NEED to win this. Just think of all the crafts I could do in the comfort of my morning sickness barf chair with a silhouette… Need, I tell you!

  146. I follow you and silhouette! I want that soooo bad! it would rock my vinyl-less world. I facebooked this mo-fo too! :)

  147. I totally follow silhouettes blog, just collecting ideas for when I FINALLY win one (karma totally owes me, or this baby does…)

  148. Diane Ross says:

    I’m now also a follower of the Silhouette blog and of course I told them that you sent me!

  149. I tweeted it…

  150. facebooked it (is that even a word?

  151. I follow you and I really really really need/want/covet this. :)

  152. and I follow the Silhouette blog. of course.

  153. I am already a follower of yours and Silhouette. :) Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  154. OMGGGG Of COURSE your blog is awesome enough!!!! I WANT TO WIN THIS SO SO SO Badly it’s not even funny/right/sane/normal… I seriously want a silhouette sooooo badlllllyyy. I don’t have any luck- no, no, I won’t speak that into existence. I HAVE THE BEST LUCK AND WILL WIN THIS!!! I believe it!!!! of course i publicly LOVE your blog and follow!!!!

  155. i’ve been tortured. aka, i follow the silhouette blog. I’m seriously whining in my office right now. It would look so good in the craft nook… ughh.

  156. I tweeted!!!!! AHHHHHHH i’m still dying.

  157. I facebooked!!! (check the fb Ordy and Joon wall!!!)

    I facebooked because I love you and think everyone should know about your awesomeness, NOT because I want to slim down the chances of me winning… I took a chance! hahaha

  158. I wiped down my treadmill thoroughly with the disinfectant and towels provided… Is that random and kind enough??… ok, ok, I might need nicer since it’s an incredible prize…

    I paid for the person behind me going through the toll booth! for real! if that’s not silhouette winning worthy, i dunno what is!

  159. I love the Silhouette! I have entered so many of these contests and never won it :( but maybe this time will be my time. I can’t wait to see what you do with Madona (that does sound weird). There are so many possibilities. I’m a vinyl virgin as well.

  160. ok, so i totally love your guts and follow your blog publicly!

  161. i follow silhouette’s blog too!

  162. I heart Elf…and Silhouette. I’m following you…way to go out there and get it!

  163. I follow you. The movie is Elf. I totally want to win. So jealous of everyone who has one. Follow Silhouette too.
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  164. random act of kindness~today at the grocery store, while buying “supplies” for tonight’s dinner with my parents, a lady in the wheel chair cart knocked over a box of (i can’t remember what) and she couldn’t bend over to pick it up, but i saw her trying, so i rushed over to where she was at and picked it up for her! she thanked me over and over again and i felt like a million bucks, even for just 20 seconds!

  165. I follow you both and so need this because I can’t even cut a straight line!

  166. I follow both blogs

  167. I shared you on my facebook profile

  168. I’m the missus in this family. Wowza! I’d love to win this giveaway. I’ve had my eyes on this Silhouette for a looooooooong time. Hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  169. I shared you on my facebook page

  170. I also tweeted you at!/cjlowder

  171. I’m following both blogs now. I’d LOOOOOOOOVE a silhouette!

  172. I follow you and I love your blog.

  173. I am a silhouette follower as well, love it too.

  174. I am a follower of both your blog and the silhouette blog =)

    I am in the process of buying my first house and one of these would to that house into a home!!! crossing my fingers

  175. I already follow your blog & the silhouette blog. And I love the movie Elf BTW. I’m the lady in the house & I need this!

  176. I facebooked this post about the giveaway. =) fingers are still crossed

  177. Lovin your guts and I just met you! You just refueled my fire! :) just what I needed… So flippin inspired!!!

  178. I so would love to have this!!!!! I would give lots of love to you if I win!!!!!
    I am a follower and I love your blog
    Blessings, Lori

  179. I’m a new follower of the Silhouette blog. I want to win!!!!

  180. Now I follow silhouette!

  181. Hooooolleeee goodness I want a Silhouette! My dad had a vinyl cutter at his work when I was a kid, and he made the best personalized gifts. I want! I need! I’m a follower of your blog!

  182. Awesome!!
    I follow you!

    etsyteachermom at gmail

  183. I’m also a follower on the Silhouette blog! <3

  184. I follow the silhouette blog! :) They have some great stuff!
    Would love to have Madonna’s twin on my desk here.

    etsyteachermom at gmail

  185. I’m a follower of your awesome blog, and so freaking jealous!

  186. I tweeted this! fingers crossed!

  187. I FB’d the post! I’m just looking for an excuse to buy the thing and entering every drawing until I find it!

  188. Random act of kindness? I chased a lady down at Hobby Lobby when she forgot one of her bags. Does that count?

  189. I gave away 2 dozen eggs today as a random act of kindness!

  190. I was a follower long before this AMAZING Give away. I totally could use this. My brain has so many fun projects to do, but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy the machine on my own. Please pick me I could really really really use this.

  191. Elf!!!! haha! of course I follow religiously…seriously. and I am desperate for one of these, I too have entered to win one of these in all the other giveaways(about 40 or something). Gosh, I’m gonna die…I WANT TO TAKE YOU HOME SILHOUETTE!!!

  192. …and I follow the Silhouette blog, cuz I like to torture myself with all the cool stuff they do and dream of what I will name my baby when I actually get to join the rest of the cool kids =)

  193. I am a follower! Not a new follower – I love your blog. I just asked for a Silhouette for my birthday in a couple of weeks. How cool would it be if I won!!!

  194. I am already a follower of your awesome blog! I check daily to see what creative idea you have come up with next! I do all kinds of crafts just like you and would love to have one of these. It can do so much and be used in so many ways for doing so many different types of projects!!!

  195. I am a follower now of Silhouette blog. I wasn’t previously only because the cost is just out of my reach and too heartbreaking to see all the cool stuff I could be doing with it if I ever could afford to buy myself one.

  196. Oh oh!!! Pick me! I’m a follower. And I soooooo want to win. I have some vinyl just waiting to be used….oooooooo….

  197. Love ELF!!!!
    I bet the elves use the Silhouette!!

  198. tweeted

  199. Facebooked.

  200. Check and check! I follow.

    Please, please, please pick me. Pick me. I’m bummed too. And MY blog ISN’T cool enough to host this giveaway. So please?? :)

  201. Oh Elf, I LOVE that movie. I LOVE silhouette and want one oh so very badly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and I’m already a follower. I didn’t know about the silhouette blog but I am going to become a follower right now. P.S. I freaking love you for giving away a silhouette!!!

  202. I put it on FB. :)

  203. Ohh, I’d love to win one, been a follower of your blog for a while now.

  204. And I’m now also a follower of the Silhouette blog…

  205. I love this and I follow you as Sans30s

  206. Tweeted about giveaway @sskcraftshop

  207. I’m a follower and I’d love to win!!!

  208. And I follow the Silhouette blog too!

  209. Done and done! Oh my I need one of these! Love you blog so much!

  210. I follow both blogs and it would be really really awesome if I could win this.

  211. I’m New follower I’ve learn so many cool craft projects on but I’ve also learned a lot from your supper intense Life story section. I was very moved by it.

  212. I lover this blog and am now proudly sporting my followership (I made up that word…). Here’s hoping for a big win!!

  213. I have now informed facebook of my desires for this! Fingers are crossed.

  214. You know I want this! (since I’d like to be the shist out of my broken one sitting next to me).

    Both mandatory requirements are done, done and done.

    (Of COURSE on #1– hello?)

  215. So I totally need to win this silhouette for my birthday! Its on Monday the 28th. That would be the best gift ever!! I am a follower and in love with your blog and the silhouette blog. Okay, seriously I have been dying for a silhouette. I have a million projects just waiting for that machine.

  216. I have also entered a million Silhouette giveaways, and am still coveting one. I wish my blog was awsome enough to get one for free too! I’m a follower of yours and silhouette’s blogs.
    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  217. YAY for being craptastic enough for a Silhouette giveaway! Follow you and their blog.. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  218. This comment has been removed by the author.

  219. This comment has been removed by the author.

  220. ahhhh!!! this is great!!! woo!!!! i love love this! i follow your blog!! yay!!!

  221. i follow the silhouette blog!! and left a comment!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  222. I’m a follower of your blog and I have entered like a gazillion giveaways for a silhouette and I’ve never won one. :( boo! I’m DYING for a silhouette!

  223. oh, I also follow silhouette’s blog :)

  224. I follow you and Silhouette and get both of your blogs to my Google Reader. Thank you so much for having such a great give away. The Silhouette blog makes me jealous because of all the things I can’t make. I would love for you to change that.

    Laura McC

  225. tweeted!!!/nellybarney/status/39916262817677312

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  226. did something nice! to make the world a better place!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  227. I follow your awesome blog…of course! Pick me! Pick me!

  228. I also follow the Silhouette blog!

  229. I want to win I want to win!! I also tweeted and facebooked it :) I think I deserve it 😉

  230. I follow both blogs! and am a fan of both facebook pages..I want to win this so bad!

  231. I follow your blog!! Pick me pick me!

  232. I follow the Silhouette blog! Help a sista out, Mandi!!!!

  233. I wanna win so so bad! AHHHH!! Having a Silhouette would be! I can think of about a million things to do with it! That would be so much fun! And winning would be so great because there is no way I could buy one because of the fact that both my husband and I are poor college students!

  234. Yay for giveaways! I’ve been trying to talk my husband into buying one for me without luck. If I win this I can finally give up (something that isn’t very easy for me).

    *Crossing my fingers*

  235. I follow both blogs! Hope I win.
    moodykelly at gmail dot com

  236. I performed a random act of kindness!
    moodykelly at gmail dot com

  237. I follow your blog and I LOVE it! In fact I wish I live din St. George so we could be friends and so I could be tan :)

    Whitney Ulrich

  238. I follow the silhouette blog :)

    whitney Ulrich

  239. That Monday is my birthday! Oh please pick me! How awesome would that be? Come on, Mandi…You know you love my guts and want to give me the Silhouette for my birthday… :)

    (Following you and Silhouette)

  240. I’m a cotton-headed ninny-muggins who really wants to win! I LOVE Elf! I am following your blog! :)

  241. I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite. I would definitely smile if I won this Silhouette….I’ve been a follower of their blog for a long time…i love all of their projects they post. My favorite I think was baby onesie a few months back. It was adorable. :)

  242. 1) I publicly follow you
    2) Elf
    3) I follow Silhouette

  243. I follow Silhoutte and you! Your blog is so fun!

  244. I myself am a vinyl virgin!! But I so badly want to take that plunge!!!!!!! Please oh please! My whole entire house would become vinyly adorned if I were to win this! Unfortunately, the pocket book won’t allow for me to just go buy one!!!

  245. I’m a faithful follower of your blog … it’s awesome!

  246. I follow Silhouette’s blog as well!

  247. I am a blog follower! Say it loud, say it proud!! Okay sorry got distracted there, I love all your freaktastic creations!
    I would love to win this because 1. Hubs and I agreed that I could only make one major crafting purchase(over $100) a year and I finally bought a new sewing machine a few months ago.. 2. I’m also kinda bummed that I didn’t win one of the million other Silhouette giveaways, so this would totally make my year if I won!!

  248. I also follow the Silhouette blog dreaming of all the awesome things I can do with one if/when I ever get one.

  249. I have been a RSS feed follower for quite a while and now I’m following publicly on here as well. Not that I wanted to be private with the whole RSS feed thing. I just signed up to it, before I even had a google account. 😉
    I LOVE your ideas and love reading your blog!

    Winning a Silhouette would definitely make my day, week, month and year! I’ve never really won anything so cool (and worth more than $5..)!

  250. Yesterday at the grocery, I let the mom behind me with 3 kids with her go in front of me even though I was in a super hurry, does that count as my RAK?

  251. I was so sad about not winning one in January that I finally broke down and bought one on Saturday. But I would still love to win one. Of course I am a follower of both Vintage Revivals and silhouette. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  252. Now I am a new follower to the Silhouette blog and left a comment as well! :)

  253. I also facebooked it! :)

  254. I am already a follower of the Silhouette blog! It’s pretty much a daily read. You know, to prepare me for when I finally get one of my very own!

  255. I follow you crazy cute blog! And dude, I want one of these so bad. SO BAD! I think I entered all 32 giveaways last time. I am begging you woman, pick me! 😀

  256. In Germany you get a little receipt from a parking meter to place in your car behind your windshield. Yesterday, I still had 25 minutes left on my receipt and even though it was -10°C, I got out of the car to run up to a random person, who was about to pay for their ticket, and handed it to them.
    Does that count as a random act of kindness? 😉

  257. I am a follower of your fabulous blog. I am also a follower of the silhouette blog….even though I don’t have one. Please help my luck change!

  258. I just found your blog from ucreate, and I think I am in love! I think the silhouette needs to come and live at my house! :)

  259. I am the latest to become a follower of yours and I was already a follower of Silhoutte, Thanks sooo much for giveaway! I came over from UCreate by the way!!

  260. I’m one of your loyal followers!

  261. I totally tweeted this.

  262. I also follow Silhouette.

  263. I am a follower!!!!!!!!!!!! Want one of these REAL bad!!!!

  264. I am also a follower of the Silhouette blog!!!!

  265. Holy crud you rock…(of course I follow and love your guts but you should also know you totally rock)!! Oh how I have been secretly wishing to win one of the beauties. BUT I had no idea Silhouette even had a blog (which I am now following) so even if I dont that was a complete score anyway :0)

  266. I never win the giveaways either. I think I have entered at least 10. I am a public follower! I hope I win. Mukweto at gmail dot com

  267. And of course I Tweeted about your amazingness ;0)

  268. Sign me up, I’d love to win a silhouette! I’ve been following you through my google reader for months and love your guts, but I’m following you publicly now so you can show me off, hahaha

  269. I am a VR follower – thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!


  270. I am a BRAND NEW follower… but I heart you already!

    The Movie is ELF… love it!

    I would love to win Madonna’s twin… and then I wouldn’t be a vinyl virgin anymore! 😉

  271. I follow Sihouette on FB already- but now follow their BLOG! 😉

  272. I am publicly following your blog because it’s pretty fabulous! I am just like you and have been trying to win one of these things for ages!! I would love to have one to do the heat transfers and make some onesies for my baby girl!

  273. I am also following the Silhouette blog! There are some pretty killer ideas on there! Love it!

  274. I tweeted about this post! @awaller14

  275. I posted this giveaway to my Facebook!

  276. ELF is my one of my favorite movies! I love when Buddy says “Ow! Son of a Nutcracker!” LOL. I stumbled upon your blog when you were featured in Ucreate and feel in love with you blog! I follow you and Silhouette 😀 I would love to win a Silhouette. Being a stay at home mom is a rewarding job but does not pay like a real job so I would never be able to afford one. PLEASE OH PLEASE PICK ME!

  277. Is cooking my mother-in-law dinner last night a random act of kindness? LOL!

  278. Hello!!

    It’s awesome. I follow you and Silhouette!

  279. I am a follower! I would so much love to win this, what a FANTASTIC giveaway! Oh the projects that are swirling in my brain… :)

  280. I m now a follower of your blog and the the silhoutte blog.

    I am new to blogging…just recently started blogging and totally new to the blgogging world but not to crafting.your blog so inspirational…I love the way you write and the detailing in your tutorials. Would do have a wonderful blog.

    Would love to win the Silhouette.

  281. I am already a follower, and I love your blog! Thank you for doing this AMAZING giveaway! I would soooooooooooooo love to have a Silhouette! I would definitely have an endless amount of projects if I won! :)

  282. I want I want, I NEED I NEED!!!!

    I would follow you and your craftiness to the ends of the earth…but yes, now I officially follow your blog too.

  283. I follow the silhouette blog too.

  284. I follow Silhouette’s blog. :)

  285. Elf, that’s the movie.

    I vanna vin!

  286. i am a follower and i want to make everything you have done! Luv the blog

  287. ELF!!!…..and following!

    please, please, please pick me!!! i want one sooo badly. wish it was in the budget….
    also wanted you to know i stumbled across your blog at ucreate. i was dazzled by the pic you used to show off your zebra rug! your home is amazing or craptastic whatever you prefer! thanks for the giveaway!!

  288. I WANT TO GO TO THERE. (30 Rock reference, yep.) Seriously though, I’d love one of these. I was majorly bummed when I didn’t win one of the 30 million giveaways around the blogosphere. Anyway, I’m a follower (love your blog!) and now follow Silhouette too. Hook me up, yo!

  289. I am following you! I love it!
    Oh, and, Elf. :)

  290. Following Silhouette. Love it!

  291. Girlfriend. I.need.this.machine. for rizzle… I’m already a follower and am gonna head over to silhouette blog now…

  292. I follow!

  293. Okie dokie….now a silhouette follower too!

  294. Random act of kindness:
    Today I’m gathering some of my other mom friends to make goody bags and notes of encouragement for the teachers at a low-income school near us. None of us have kids old enough for school, but some of us used to teach in low-income school and know that these teachers rarely get any treats. Spread the love!

  295. Well OF COURSE I follow you! I just got a new home and have no idea how to decorate it. Then I found you (Angels singing Hallelujah!) and I want to make every. single. project. You totally inspire me! I would LOVE to adopt Madonna’s twin. I would take her in and love her like she was my own! But, I’m not going to lie, I would totally make her earn her keep. PS I LOVE that you name things, I do to! It makes things work better, don’t you think?

  296. What a great giveaway! I’m ready to move on from my Cricut to this awesome little machine. Can’t wait to win it.

  297. I also posted the give away on Facebook 😀

  298. I’m a newbie follower! Love, LOVE your blog and have DROOLING over the Silhouette -I’m already imagine-ing up all the things I’ll be creating when I win :) – don’t disappoint me :)!

  299. I love your blog, you inspire me and make me laugh!! I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these babies forever!!! thanks for the opportunity!!

  300. oh ya…I follow the silhouette blog, love the ideas and fun projects!

  301. “I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it” is from my most favorite movie of all times – ELF. I am a follower and I am so excited for the chance to win this. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this in my home!!

  302. oooh I follow silhouette blog and it only makes me want one more!!! sigh…maybe someday!!

  303. Oh, I didn’t know you could be a follower of Silhouette! Sounds a little like torture if you don’t have one. But, I’ll do it for Silvia. That’s what I would name her if she came to live with me. (I have this thing when I name things, they have to start with the same letter. Weird? Yes.) Silvia Silhouette. Sounds like a classy lady!

  304. I follow your blog! I’m going to keep entering these until I stinking win one. My husband wants one of these so badly (weird, I know). I’d love to be able to give it to him for our anniversary!

  305. I also follow silhouettes blog, fingers crossed!

  306. Silvia is now on FB. But, I don’t tweet. Not even for Silvia :(

  307. I’m new to your blog, but I am officially now a dedicated follower! You are awesome!

  308. Its OFFICIAL!! I am now your FOLLOWER… kinda thought I already was but apparently Im crazy like that! Oh and did I mention I would so eat dirt to have one of these babies!!!Seriousy… like nasty, wet, playground, DIRT!

  309. I was eating out with my family and noticed that the table next to me had left their room key on the table. So I picked it up and chased them down through the parking lot to their hotel and gave them back their room key. I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy! But I didn’t think they would get very far without it. Silvia would be so proud! :)

  310. Oh Im also a follower of the silhouette blog now too… super excited about that!

    Just a thought… I totally think being extra patient with my girls today is an absolute act of kindness that will DEFINATELY wind up making the world a better place :)

  311. I need one pls my husband is about to deploy for the 4th time and this will keep me entertain while he is gone first thing im gona do is welcome back shirts for my kids ….Im a follower

  312. This comment has been removed by the author.

  313. Oh my! Let me count the ways??? I think I’d go crazy with one of these! As in, no room would go untouched….but seriously though, I really love the fabric and vinyl options this sweet machine has!!!! (I’m stalking, er, following you and Silhouette now…)

  314. I follow your blog (which I love and found through CWTS) and the Silhouette blog (which I hope I will love because I win :)).

  315. I also performed my random act of kindness- inviting a new aquaintence to a marriage seminar in my area. I hope it is a success!

  316. oh my goodness…i would die if i won this machine!!! i have been wanting one for forever!

    i am a follower of you and the silhouette blog.

  317. I have to say that I am IN LOVE with the silhouette! I want to own one of these!!!I have entered every giveaway for this and never win :(
    I am a follower!

  318. I follow the Silhouette blog! OMG! there are so many projects i would do if I owned this machine!!!

  319. AWESOME!! I discovered the Silhouette on many other blogs and would absoluetly LOVE to get one. If I don’t win one this year, it is on my christmas wish list ALREADY so my husband has plenty of notice. I found your blog from U-Create. I have become a blog stocker for super cute ideas. I just need to get the time and money to do all the cute, fun, stuff! I will follow both of you!

  320. I’ve been stalking your blog for while, but now I’m a follower, so it’s not so creepy! Would love to win a Silhouette machine!

  321. I am a follower and would really love to win one of these! I could do so many different projects.

  322. Oh my goodness – how I would just DIE to win this contest. I am smitten with the Silhouette and NEED one so badly to curb my decorating withdrawals. Thank you for the chance to enter (and hopefully win)! I am following your blog and the Silhouette blog.

  323. Also a follower of the Silhouette blog! Love their recent post on the new ability to cut fabric!!!

  324. I am in love and I don’t care who knows it! with fried green tomatoes I think it shows what best friends truly means =)

  325. I have posted a link on facebook also, because I am just that eager to win. 😉

  326. I am now a follower of the silhouette blog. I was not aware that they had a blog.

  327. Oh, and twitter post complete also.

  328. I follow the Silhouette blog…and I want to own a Silhouette SO BAD!!

  329. I’m now following your {awesome!} blog! Don’t know why I wasn’t sooner! Owning a Silhouette would rock my socks!

  330. You’re freaking awesome for hitting them up like that!! I entered all 32 (seemed like 100’s) and didn’t win either! I’ve got to win this one!!! Peeeeleze…
    I’m a follower of both blogs.
    joylizotte at gmail. com

  331. I follow you and the silhouette blogs. I hope I win. :)

  332. I am a follower!!! And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!

  333. I am also a follower of Silhouette!!

  334. I LOVE your blog, and now I am a follower! You have a great eye for fun funky things that are totally original, and I’m not just sucking up because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Silhouette!(PROMISE!) We are graduating from college in April, and just got our first job offer. I am finally looking for a home to make mine, instead of sterile white apartments, so this silhouette would be great! Thanks again! I love your blog! It always makes me smile!

  335. I’m already a follower you and Silhouette. I’ve been trying to win one of these forever. So, it would be too cool if I won.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  336. Oh LOVE this! I’d love to win this! I’d use it for zillions of home dec projects! Following this blog & the SD blog 😉

  337. I’m a follower of silhouette and of your blog :)

  338. Posted w/a link on FB

  339. First time I can say I am proud to be a FOLLOWER!

  340. oooh, I’m a first timer here. I’m already stalking, errr, I mean following you.
    Thanks. 😀

  341. A Silhouette would be so much fun! I would absolutely love to have one to make all kinds of things with.

  342. I was already a follower, honey! Believe it. I also follow Silhouette’s blog.

    You know WHY I need this bad boy (bad girl?)? I *want/need* to be an *awesome* blogger and you’ve gott have one of these to do so!

    Imagine all the projects I could do…. Now hand it over!!!

    Can’t wait to see your first project!!!

  343. I’m a new follower! :)

  344. Ok I did what I was told. facebooked it, followed everything that you said. Now I don’t know if this is a random winner picker ( yes I made up that word) so I will tell you why I want to win one of these suckers. I have been eyeballing these for so long and I have so many ideas that I would like to try. I am going to the flea market this weekend to buy the things to make the teacup clock. So maybe that will sway you in my direction as a potential winner of the Madonna 2.

  345. I’m a follower of the Silhouette blog always hoping to win!!

  346. Found your blog off UCreate and I love it! So duh, I’m following you now :)

  347. I am now following your awesomeness & silhouette’s coolness! The movie quote is ELF, one of my FAV movies! OK, so I totally need one of these silouette’s! I just started a new blog and need this amazing machine to help my blog improve it’s craftiness!!! I am crossing my fingers and my toes :) Good Luck to all the others that have entered also!!! Thanks

  348. And now I follow Silhouette with hopes that I can win one and use all the tips on their site!

  349. Man, how awesome are you? I seriously don’t know how I am not already a follower! You rock!

  350. I tweeted about this 😉 @VanessitaS

  351. I officially follow your blog

  352. I am one of your 1812 followers and I seriously want to freakin win. I have entered every give away for this and figure I love myself enough to win this one.

  353. I already follow silhouette.

  354. I also follow the Silhouette blog. And can I just say I love your blog, you always have such fun ideas and such a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing, and I’m so excited that you are doing a Silhouette give-a-way, I seriously want one so bad.

  355. ELF! i just discovered your blog via ucreate! and love it! i just became a follower! you should let me win madonnas twin. we would have so much fun together! she would have a perfect home in my craft room. she would even get a table all to herself!

  356. i am already a follower of the silhouette blog! i am like you and have entered to win a silhouette way too many times and haven’t won yet. but i know i will win this time! i just have to!

  357. I’m a new follower, thanks to ucreate! Love your blog, and LOVE your rug. I would love to win:)

  358. yes, i am a follower of you, of course. want this so bad..this is giveaway number 321 for me.:)

  359. and yes, I follow silhouette..because, like i said, i have entered 321 other one of these. i really want one!:)

  360. I talked one of my best buddies into buying one for her business just so I would be “near” one! I NEED ONE!!

  361. How Cool that you got one and want to share one now too! I am now a follower and want a Silhouette so bad that it actually hurts! Me and my kiddos want to have some fun with it.

  362. I’m now following the Silhouette blog too. I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!!!
    (munequita4 at

  363. Random act of kindness: Donating maternity and baby clothes to my local crisis pregnancy center. I’ve got 6 kids and love to help other mama’s in need! (munequita4 at

  364. I have been wanting one of these…..who hasn’t!!!!! If money grew on trees, I would have had one along time ago, and my house would now be covered in vinyl!!

  365. I follow your amazing blog and of course the silhouette blog too. I would LOVE to win this! I have put in for it on so many wonderful blogs and have never been the lucky winner. My sweet hubby is deploying in june for a year and I know our daughters and I would love to use this to make him all sorts of goodies to send to him. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  366. I also facebooked about this awesome post and blog!

  367. So excited about the silhouette! Looks like that thing could keep me busy with projects for decades! I’d love to have one and there’s no way we could afford it otherwise, so it’d be a real treat. Thanks!!!

  368. Mandi girl, I FB’d it, Blogged about it, Silhouette blog-followed it, (not much of a tweeter, but I have an account, so I’ll even tweet for ya), I’m already a follower (gonna have to do the rug bit) It’s Awesome!!! Anyhoo…. hope to be a WEENER! :) oh, and the quote is Elf-alicious! Of Course! My 4 yr. old screams “Son of a Nut Cracker!” all the time!
    Thanks for all your upbeat posts, ya make my day!

  369. Follower! Drooling follower! OF BOTH!

  370. I hope to someday own a Silhouette, winning one would be some much cooler than actually buying one!!!!! I found you by way of a relative’s post on FB. I knew I would love this site especially when there in your Blog Header it says”Love Yer Guts”. My dear sister, who passed away at the young age of 29, used to say that and I have never, ever heard anyone else ever say that….I Love it. Thanks for making my day not once, but twice!
    Elaine B.

  371. please – i am a vinyl virgen and desperalty would love to not be…and i now follow you and the silhouette blog.

  372. I follow you… I love buddy the elf…. and I follow silhouette. I have wanted SILHOUETTE FOREVER!! But funds don’t allow when you are putting your husband through school!

  373. I love your blog and the many things you do. I have been eying a Silhouette and really want one. I’m now a follower of the Silhouette blog. Hope I win and if I don’t, I hope the pennies add up someday.

  374. I’m already a follower, and I’m a new follower of the Silhouette blog! (I never knew they even had a blog!) And… I really, really want to win. 😉

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  375. Would love to win this. There are so many things I would love to try with this.

  376. Of COURSE I follow your blog, silly!!! I SO want this SO badly, you have no idea! Oh wait, you do! I’m so jealous and would LOVE to win this beauty! Thanks for the chance!! (And I only use exclamation points at the end of EVERY sentence when I am REALLY excited!) 😉

  377. And now I follow Silhouette’s blog! (Again, another exclamation point)

  378. I just added both blogs to my follower. Wow, I could do a million things including labeling everythin in the house with vinyl letters. I’ve wanted one for ever but really can’t afford one right now with out winning the lottery or this one. Here is to hoping.

  379. I want a Silhouette so badly it hurts! I’m a follower of both you and the Silhouette blog!! I dream of how fabulous my house and my gifts would be if only I had a Silhouette!! :)

  380. Hi! I just found your blog through Kari, and man do I feel deprived. So in love!!!! I am for sure a follow and can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I would love to win a Silhouette, I have wanted one for SOOOOO long, but they have been out of my reach. As a mother of 5 I have a hard time spending money on myself.

  381. I bought extra cool paper for another student in my book binding class ’cause I knew she would think it was fantastic. It was all of 1$ but she thought it was great. I think that was a RAK random act of Kindness. I can’t wait to see what she creates with it, as she gives her new books to her friends and let’s us in class peek before she hands them off.

  382. The Movie is ELF! I am a follower of your blog. I lOvE it and check it everyday sometimes multiple times, uh, is that creepy?! Your blog is awesome and I love you ideas! I hope I win cuz we just moved (boo!) and I have some major projct in the works that I need a madonna of my very own. Thanks for the great give away!

  383. And I tweeted! And will continue to tweet!! 😉 (@jriverblossom)
    (Are you counting the exclamation points?! I want The Twin so bad!)

  384. I am a follower of Silhouette blog and left them a comment. I hope I win, I hope I win!

  385. I am stuck with a substandard Cricut cutter. I NEEEEDDDD need need a Silhouette. I am a follower of both blogs and Elf is the movie. “It’s just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture.” :)

  386. You better believe I’m a public follower! Love your blog.

  387. I love your blog its so creative! I want to win this silhouette!

  388. I’m following the Silhouette blog now!

  389. My random act of kindness is that I am watching my nephew for my sick sister-in-law.

  390. I am now following Silhouette. If only I had one so that I could use all of the wonderful ideas!

  391. So I just found your blog through the infamous Kari. And low and behold you have a fantastic giveaway! And I am thinking you are pretty hilarious! I hope you have a great day! BTW I am now a loyal follower!

  392. I found you through Ucreate, I want to win this so bad! I am now a follower of your blog!

  393. OMIGOSH! YES! PLEASE! I’m following you and Silhouette!! If I win I’ll call her Lady Gaga and she’ll try to express herself exactly like Madonna! 😉


  394. I follow Silhouettes Blog.

  395. Ok…I guess you are wanting us to write about a R.A.K.: my husband left his laptop at home this morning so I loaded up the kids and we drove to hubby’s work to deliver the much needed technology so he could give presentations that day :)

  396. I Love you on facebook!

  397. pick me!

  398. I found you via UCreate and now follow you and Silhouette, which I would L-O-V-E to win! Love your AWESOME blog and eager to read backwards–well not ACTUALLY backwards–but read previous entries to see what I’ve totally missed out on!


    dmonroe at astate dot edu


    That quote if from the best movie ever ELF!!! I love your blog you have such great ideas, so of course I follow it.

    I am pretty sure I have entered every possible giveaway for a silhouette… so I know how you feel…

  400. I follow the silhouette blog too!!

  401. I just became your newest follower. I already follow the Silhouette blog.

  402. I would love to have a Silhoutte machine, I have so many ideas of what I could make and decorate with it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one!

  403. This comment has been removed by the author.

  404. I’m now following you! Love your enthusiasm! Oh… and that line was from ELF, one of my all time favorite movies. I am already a follower of the Silhouette blog. Love them! And last but not least… I want to win this so bad because like you… I have entered so many silhouette contests but I NEVER win! Hopefully I can this time around!

  405. I follow both you and Silhouette (Sofia B). I’ve always wanted to have one of this but it is too expensive!! But I would love to have one! I have so many projects that I could do with a Silhouette!


  406. I would so love to win this!!

  407. ELF!!!! is the name of the movie! [love it] AND I so want to win this silhouette! I am also in love with the mirrors you did; I went to a thrift store the weekend after seeing them on studio 5 looking for mirrors. Found one that I loved until I saw the price tag of $250.00 [seriously??] so and am still looking! I am a new follower and I <3 your guts! I just posted on fb for all the world to see! HOPE I WIN! Thanks for the chance!

  408. Woo Hoo! I now follow both you and silhoutte! I would LOVE to win! I keep trying to win one of these AMAZING babies…but it hasn’t happened…and winning is the only way I am going to get one and be able to do all the INCREDIBLE projects I’ve been seeing and drooling over!!

  409. Good heavens..why have I not seen your blog before? I’ve been missing out. We might be soul sisters…I LOVE your stuff!
    AND…I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the Silhouette…seriously, really. LOVE.
    I follow you! :) (it might be stalking now cuz I just found your blog and am officially addicted)

  410. OH! I forgot – I already follow Silhouette…

  411. Following you! I’m pretty sure Elf – watched that Christmas day in the hospital with my sweet little boy who was sick. And to win would rock my socks off because a. I homeschool and it would be such a great addition to our routine and b. I could stop bugging my husband who just doesn’t get it!

  412. I would LOVE to win, I can’t even tell you how much!

  413. Me, me, me, me!!! please pretty please pick me!!I have a cricut and love it but the cartridges can get really expensive so a Silhouette would be AMAZING to have!! Love your blog, btw.
    act of kindness: I opened the classroom door for a kindergartener who had his hands full, he turned to me and said “Thank you ma’am!!” so adorable! : )

  414. Hi, Just found your blog through Ucreate and I am now a follower – love your stuff!

  415. I am now a follower of Silhouette as well!

  416. I facebooked your blog!

  417. My RAOK today was to not buy the rest of the bolt of fabric I loved at the quilt store. I left 1/2yd for another lady who loved it! Does that count??? LOL

  418. I twetted (@beckywaldrop) and will continue to do so until the giveaway is over!!

  419. I’ve been a follower of Silhouette for a while, and am a new follower of your blog. Thank you for sharing your story and this wonderful giveaway. I would LOVE to add a Silhouette to my collection of crafting supplies. No, I take that back…I NEED it and WANT it and really, really hope I WIN it!

  420. I am a follower of yours now. I love your ideas and all the crazy things you come up with!! I would love to be able to have Madonna’s sister because I’m kinda in the same boat as you were….

  421. facebooked it!!!!!!

  422. now a follower of Silhouette.

  423. I want to win dang freakin bad and I follow you

  424. I follow silhouette blog also. I’d follow them to the ends of the earth. Not really, but maybe…

  425. I work in a CPA firm and if I don’t get my creative juices flowing again I’m going to BURST!
    This Silhouette would be just the medicine I need to feel myself again.

    BTW…I love your blog, I’m following Silhouette and I’m heading over to Facebook now to shout it to the world.

  426. Please, Please, Please. I have wanted one forever! I have done everything you asked! So pick me!!!

  427. I follow the silhouette blog!

  428. I am a loyal follower and I would love love love to win! For real. I would love it.

  429. Sounds like a quote from ELF!!
    New follower!!, I want to win SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin’ bad!! //crosses fingers!

  430. tweeted! @Nathania_H

  431. I facebooked it (chelsea alexander) but how will you check it since you don’t have facebook?

    Either way I told people to come look at the link but not to enter because I want it. Which is what I did with Twitter, too :)

    chelsealexander at hotmail

  432. What an awesome blog you have here! I just found you through ucreate. So now I’m a follower, and I already follow silhouette. I hope I win!

  433. Act of kindness…although, this probably shouldn’t count. I woke up at 7:30am (about an hour and some change before my alarm) and drove my husband to the airport an hour away. He’s out of town for the rest of the week and tomorrow’s my birthday. I know it shouldn’t count as ‘kindness’ because he’s my one true love, but c’mon, it was soooo early and he could have taken himself.

    Either way, love you, love your blog, wish I had your energy.

    Now I’m off to make some cookies for a sick friend.

    chelsealexander at hotmail

  434. Randon acts of kindness?. this little old tootheless man was digging for bottles in the dumpster yesterday, and even though my hubby and i can’t afford rent and food this month, we gave him 8 bags full of bottles. He was so incredibly happy he zoomed off in his little tiny car to the bottle depot.

  435. I absolutely love your blog. I think you are the most ingenious person. Seriously tell all my friends all the neat things you are up to. Your inspire me thanks tons

  436. I am most definitely a follower! love your blog

  437. I am a follower and I would love to own one of these for SO many projects.

  438. I love this giveaway! I too entered 1,000 times and never won, but here’s to hoping. I’m a follower, and will now be one for Silhouette as well.

  439. Of Course I LOVE YOUR GUTS, and thats why I have been a follower for a long time now! Thanks for such an awesome blog- and amazing ideas. … and the chance to win a silhouette!

  440. I am a follower of the Silhouette blog – I have wished for one for such a long time that I started stalking …err uh following the silhouette blog and yours too.


    emeier620 at

  441. I am a new follower of your blog!

  442. I am a follower of your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

  443. I am also a follower of Silhouette’s blog!

  444. ELF! I love that movie. I would love to win the silhouette!! I already have a thousand projects in mind if I were to be so lucky :) I want to win REAL REAL bad.

  445. My sister and I have had the cricut v. silhouette discussion (debate) many times, and she is convinced we need a silhouette! So, I’m here to try my luck to win one!

    She’s obsessed with your blog and it’s about time I hopped on the bandwagon! I’m a proud new follower and can’t wait to check out older posts! You’re so creative!

  446. I just found your blog from Ucreate and love everything you do! So now I am a public follower! I am hoping that I win because my “fake”birthday is Feb 28th, since I was born on the 29th this is when I celebrate it on the off years!!

  447. My random act of kindness was watching my sister-in-law’s kids (on top of my two) so she could go pamper herself with a hair cut and mani/pedi! A FORCED pamper session!

  448. I now follow your blog, i have wanted to win one of these for so long!

  449. I follow silhouette blog!

  450. Alright posted over on Silhouette’s blog, I have been a public follower over there for a while now, just needing the machine :) Please make my birthday dreams come true!!

  451. I follow the silhouette blog and am dying at all the projects!!

  452. I tweeted!

  453. i facebooked!

  454. This comment has been removed by the author.

  455. Follow you, will be following Sillhouette in 2.6 minutes and that is most definitely from Elf. I say that line all the time :)

    oooh, I hope I win!

  456. Love the silhouette and all the awesome stuff to make with it! Thanks for the chance!

  457. I’m a happy new follower and I’d looove Loove to win! I’ve wanted one forever now!! I’d be super excited..and I’d make oh so many fun things with it! Thank you for the chance!! *Crosses fingers to win!*
    Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor

  458. I follow vintage revivals…I never win these blog giveaways…here’s hoping.

  459. I am follower of your blog!

  460. I follow Silhouette’s blog- I love that it cuts fabric now!

  461. I follow Silhouette blog too!

  462. I facebooked about it too!!!

  463. Your blog is AMAZING … I am loving all of the awesome tuts you have!! I would absolutely LOVE to win!! I might name mine Mandi b/c you (and the Silhouette) are the best crafters ever!!!!!

  464. I am a follower!!!
    I would love this for all of the projects my sisters and I have in mind.

    thank you!

  465. i follow you!
    I want to winn so bad!

  466. I follow you. YOu’ve done some amazing things. thanks for sharing.

  467. no way! for reals!? i think i’ve entered EVERY POSSIBLY SILHOUETTE contest. nada, zilch.

    and it’s elf. love it!

  468. i’m a follower of the silhouette blog. makes me jealous i can’t use any of the gorgeous stuff, but you know, i need a backlog for when i finally get one. ;c)

  469. I am a follower of you and of Silhouette! I think your story and everything you do is so inspiring! I hope I can own a Silhouette one day!

  470. I’m a follower & a subscriber:o)

  471. I follow Silhouette, too…love that blog almost as much as yours!

  472. I’m a follower of you and Silhouette, I NEED to win this! I have hinted, asked and even begged for a Silhouette but I still don’t have one, my only option now is to WIN one!

  473. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really…to infinity and beyond…wanna win this. Like a lot. A whole whole whole lot. Kinda like everyone else, huh? Did I mention a really lot?

  474. Tweeted it:o)

  475. Facebook, too!

  476. Following you and Silhouette blog – I just learned about some of the stuff this machine can do and am amazed! Would love to have one but can’t justify the cost right now, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I win!

  477. I follow you

  478. I am now a follower, I also love “ELF” and dont care who knows it. I would so love to have Madonna’s twin living at my house…please give her a good luck kiss for me 😛

  479. I already am a follower of Silhouette blog

  480. I follow you

  481. I follow silhouette

  482. I posted on facebook

  483. I did major snow removal on my neighbors driveway and walk ways! Back is paying for it, but my heart is full! 😉

  484. I am a follower…I want it so bad! So many cute ideas!

  485. ooooh! I like!!!!
    I follow yourr blog….im gonna go check out theirs….

  486. I love Vinyl have it all over my house. The silhouette sounds AWESOME!!!!


  487. i really, really, really would love to win! (i follow)

  488. I also really like the silhouette blog! im about to read allllll of the posts there….ok im gonna read a lot of them!
    I follow the Silhouette blog!

  489. I am DYING to have one of these bad boys. Please, Please, Please let it be me!

    I am following you and Silhouette.

  490. I am a follower of your blog!!

  491. I posted about the silhouette on my facebook!

  492. I am a follower of your lovely blog!

  493. I am now a follower of the Silhouette blog! I’ve been wanting one forever— just can’t afford it right now!! I would definately put it to good use!!

  494. I follow the lovely Silhouette blog!

  495. I shared this post on facebook with the link!

  496. My random act of kindness was letting the woman in line behind me go first.

  497. I really, really really WANT IT! And I NEED it! I follow you and silhouette. Thanks for letting all of us try again!

  498. i follow you and i LOVE you!! please, please pick me!!

  499. I follow you and Silhouette! You quoted Elf! And I want to win one SO bad! I could never justify buying a Silhouette as I have a cricut but I would gladly pass my cricut down to my MIL if I win. I have SO many ideas running through my head if I win! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  500. I shared on FB!

  501. I’m a new follower of Vintage Revivals – can’t wait to look around and get to know you!

  502. I also follow Silhouette. Sorry, I couldn’t tell if this was suppose to be a separate entry or if it was to go along with the mandatory entry comment…so I did 2.

  503. I am SO SO excited…..I need Modonna’s twin! Following you and Silhouette!

  504. I’ve been watching your blog for a few months, but now I’m a public follower!

  505. i would LOVE to win this…!am a follower of your blog!

  506. I need this machine in my life more than words can express! With our tax return money my husband & I agreed to be super strict and use almost every bit of it to pay down our like $10,000 medical bill debt which was accrued from my son being born 3 months early and his 8 week stay in the NICU. Can I add to the sob story? The hospital he was staying at was over 300 miles away from our house so we only got to visit him on weekends. :( AAANNYway… We agreed on one “spoil me” item each, he’s getting a metal detector and I am getting a silhouette. Buuuut, if I got a free one, I could spend my “spoil me” money on shoes and clothes!!! Or more BORING bills… we’ll see!

  507. (I don’t know what just happened to the first comment – so here goes a second time)

    Subscribed to your awesome blog, and following the Silhouette blog too! If I could get my hands on one of these Silhouettes, the possibilities are absolutely endless! Pick me, pick me….

  508. I’m now a follower of the Silouette blog too!!

  509. I posted a link to your giveaway on my facebook profile!

  510. I must say that I am seriously impressed with your blog and dare I say inspired? =) Silhouette is pretty amazing too!

    Happy Blogging!

  511. I follow you AND Silhouette!

  512. I am already a follower and would LOVE to win a Silhouette! PS – love your blog!

  513. I am also already a Silhouette blog follower and love all the ideas they have. Now if only I had a machine of my own… :)

  514. I would absolutely die to have a Silhouette! I am getting married this summer and can not stop thinking of the possibilities for the wedding!

  515. I am now a follower of yours! I blogged about wanting a Silhouette and now you’re giving one away! HURRAH! Pick me…fingers crossed…pick me!

  516. I am now a follow of your site as well as the Silhouette site. I want one of these SO badly!

  517. I have been a follower of Silhouette’s since I found out about it! I love the tutorials even though I don’t own one…Oh to own one! What I would and could do with it!

  518. I facebooked it!

  519. Of COURSE I follow you!! “I am in love and I don’t care who knows it!!” -Buddy the Elf, ELF :) I am seriously DYING for a Silhouette machine… like you, I entered all 9,000 (right?) giveaways in the last few months, and just no luck. {sigh} Keeping my fingers crossed!! My potential project list is about a mile long… 😉

  520. I’m also following the Silhouette blog… after all, they may decide to randomly give me a machine out of the goodness of their hearts, right?!? 😉

  521. I am now a follower and will be for LIFE!! I LOVE your blog!

  522. I am a follower of the Silhouette blog!!

  523. I love, love, love your site. I would love to win the silhouette because it is my DREAM to own one! Thank you for doing this ELF!:) I follow both you and them, not such a bad thing AT ALL!

  524. I found your blog from UCreate & I am so excited!!! The movie quote is from Elf and I am really hoping I win! I would love to stop using my mom’s Silhouette and use my very own!!!

  525. I follow your blog now!!! :)

  526. I pretty much neeeed this. So yea. :) Pick me!!!

  527. I am following the Silhouette Blog now, youre right, super cute ideas!!! Oh and I am going to have to try and recreate your zebra rug! I love zebra and I love your rug!!!!

  528. I tweeted this give away!! So excited!!!!!!

  529. I facebooked this post also (even though I secretly wish my friends didn’t have a chance to win :) cause I want to win so bad!!!

  530. I hope I win! I hope I win!!!!! I am a silhouette VIRGIN too… but oh the possibilities!!!!! I follow your blog and LOVE it! ( and you! )


  531. Ok I swear I have also signed up a million times to win one of these. I want one so bad but unfortunitely it’s not in the budget whatsoever. Married to military so no extras. I SOOOOOO hope to win. Please please please:) shaleenay(at)

  532. I follow silhouette too!

  533. I am a new follower (came over from Ucreate) and I LOVE your blog AND much like you, I NEED to win one of these silhouette machines!!

  534. I followed you and Silhouette’s blog. I’m here nearly everyday anyway.. and plus why not start another crafting obsession with Silhouette. So First off you’re the bomb and I did my first thrift glam project this weekend, a 3.88 find at goodwill. Also its my birthday on March 1st so if i won this silhouette that would be the best birthday present everrr! (especially because I’m only asking for a quesadilla maker.. haha)

  535. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Your zebra rug makes me drool! I NEED a silhoutte!!! I neeeeeeeed it!! Please pick me!! Ok that’s enough of this 30 year old acting like a 3 year old;) I’ve wanted a silhoutte ever since I started blogging and saw how many AWESOME crafts I could do with it! I’m unemployed right now, and we just dont have the extra $300 to throw around on a craft machine (hubbys words, not mine…thought I see his point!) Anyways, Id love to win. Thanks for the opportunity:) I also am following their blog too!

  536. I am a DEVOTED “Vintage Revivals” Follower!

  537. I am a Silhouette blog follower!

  538. Would it help if I begged?? On my knees?? This is a fab give-away and I hope I win so everyone can be jealous of moi!

  539. I follow your blog!

  540. I am already a follower of Silhouette! I like to check out their ideas and drool over what I could do if I was cool enough to own one!

  541. I love your blog and read it every night, but being a follower will make that much easier (never followed anyone before)! I am a med student/ soon to be OB/GYN resident and craft in my limited free time … I would LOVE TO win a silhouette cause I certainly can’t afford one!!

  542. would love this machine for my sister and i to share she would be so thrilled:}. loving the silhouette blog as well! thanks for giving us a chance to win:}

  543. I’m so unlucky… but maybe, just maybe Monday will be my day! I’m a follower of your blog and LOVE you projects! I’m also a follower of Silhouette and love to see their fun projects, but can’t play along without the machine :( Make me a winner!!

  544. …..i not only follow both blogs… BUT.. i also perform random acts of kindness :)

  545. I FOLLOW YOU! And I – like you – am bummed that I’ve never won one of the 32 million Silhouette giveaways I’ve entered. I even got my SIL to enter and she said she’d give it to me if she won – because she didn’t know what to do with it. And then she won and didn’t give it to me. What the??? LOL

  546. I follow the Silhouette blog!

  547. I tweeted.

  548. I FBed it!

  549. I performed a random act of kindness – cuz they are awesome.

  550. This is my first time on your blog, I saw you featured on Ucreate, and may I say you are amazing! I am now a follower of your blog and I follow Silhouette. I have been wanting a Silhouette for such a long time. I so wish I could afford one. I would LOVE to be able to make some really fun crafts. So here’s hoping!

  551. Thank you sooo much for this giveaway. I am now a follower. I want one of these machines so bad I can’t see straight!!!! I have lots of ideas and no way to make use of them!!!!!! I’m glad I found your blog. I love it!

  552. I am a follower of the silhouette blog already but I went over and told them you sent me! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  553. I will love you forever and ship you my first born if I win this Silhouette. I love everything about them and am jealous I can’t make beautiful items with them. I joined your awesome blog and the silhouette’s blog as well.

    P.S. I rescind my first born because she may be more trouble than good at this point. Six year olds think they know everything and she’s a bit bossy and mouthy at times. I really want to win so I won’t torture you with her =).

    P.P.S. You are seriously amazing Mandi! I first became hooked with your teacup clock and I check in every now and again and am amazed by everything you do.

  554. I publicly love your guts. Serious.

    Also serious, how badly i need this silhouette for my upcoming wedding. I can think of SO many DIY crafts that would save me SO MUCH money. I really hope to win! If i won, I’d start my own blog to document all the awesome ways I use it!

  555. I’m a follower. I want a silhouette soooooo bad! i heart the frosted vinyl! I want to re-do my pantry jars with it.

  556. I follow the Silhouette Blog!

    And am coveting one even more…

  557. I tweet-tweet-tweeted

  558. Ok I follow your awesome blog and I’m following Silhouette’s blog. I’ve been looking into purchasing one of these because living in Okinawa, Japan makes it incredibly hard to find crafting things. So….”Oo! Oo! Pick me!” 😉

  559. How cool would it be to own a Silhouette. I would be tagging my house left and right!!!!I’m a follower of both you and Silhouette. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!
    PS-Movie quote=ELF!!!!!!!

  560. I am following you, fingers crossed I want to win!

  561. I’m a new follower!! LOVE your blog!!

  562. Just followed them on facebook!

  563. I definitely follow the Silhouette blog!

  564. I’m a follower and now a follower of the silhouette blog. I soooo need this awesome little machine. I have been drooling over it for a while and planning all the awesomeness I will create with it!
    I LOVE your blog and think you are freaken fantastic lady!!

  565. Yeh, I totally just found your blog via… well shoot, I already refreshed my Google Reader. Just know someone is out there saying “Hey, go look at Vintage Revival!!”. After seeing that tea lamp, how could I not fall in love and follow your blog?

    Secondly, I consider myself a Silhouette whore. I know, some people in blogland don’t like “curse” words, but if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….. So, I am po’ right now and can’t afford a silhouette, but I so lust over them. I imagine that if I owned a Silhouette, I would turn into a new person. This person would be organized, and oh so trendy with subway art and labeled mason jars.

    Anywho, I follow you, I follow Silhouette. Hooray!

  566. oooh! Your blog is so cute!…. and now you are having a silhouette give away too! Oh my lanta! i’ve got my fingers crossed! (i’ve been downloading all the free shapes…someday i will be able to use them!!)

  567. Following and following. I am not a tweeter cuz I don’t need another thing to put me in a hypnotic trance but I love you anyway.
    My reason…it’s all been said but let me say, I am like #600 or something poster, so I may be late to the party but at least I didn’t miss it. I’ll cut me a mustache out of vinyl and wear it around town…k maybe around my house for 5 minutes…while doing laundry…K, I really don’t win things my husband uses our luck up on funny things so, really just posting love your blog and it was a good excuse to follow.

  568. I’m following your blog and Silhouette. And I think you’re pretty awesome that you’d just email them. Sounds like something I would want to do but wouldn’t quite have the guts (or maybe just be too lazy) to do.

  569. I facebooked it.

  570. Love yer guts! Been following for quite some time now, love ya!

  571. I am following the silhouette blog, yes siree.

  572. Facebook, done! Yeah, I wanna win so bad ot hurts, it hurts in my guts!

  573. My daughter is sleeping on my floor, do you know what that means!? I am going to perform my random act of kindness tomorrow night :)

  574. I am a new follower and SO excited that you are hosting this giveaway! I love that you emailed the Silhouette people to see if you could give one away!

    Michelle :)

  575. I follow the Silhouette blog . . . cuz I’ve entered, like, 50 giveaways! One day I WILL win one.

  576. I follow your blog cause your amazing!!!And because your amazing you will pick me. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  577. I am now a follower of both blogs. I would LOVE! one of these, but my very needed house remodeling budget just does not have room for fun stuff right now, just functioning toilets =(

  578. i’m a new follower! what’s funny is that this is the second time i’ve stumbled across your blog! i follow now so i’ll never lose it :)

  579. hmmm random act of kindness today? i complimented the cashier at walmart!

  580. I am a follower and love you! By the way did you also make your brown art pieces over your couch? But, anyway I soo want a Silhouette ! I know I will never get one unless I win one, both hubby and I are disabled and live on SS. Wish me luck!

  581. I also follow the Silhouette blog!

  582. This is so amazing! I followed de rules and I hope to wins 😀 I followed the Silhouette blog too!

  583. I’m a public followerand I totally LOVE your guts!!!! “I am in love and I don’t care who knows it!” is from Elf. i would really love to win one because I’m flat broke, on welfare, and there’s no way I can possibly ever afford this!!!


  584. I am following the Silhouette Blog, and told them that my absolute favorite blogger sent me :)


  585. Tweeted,


  586. Facebooked about it,


  587. My random act of kindness was finding a $5 bill on the sidewalk and gave it to the first person who walked by.


  588. I’m a follower of both blogs!!! LOVE the silhouette! Also tweeted about it @MissAbbyK

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  589. I follow you and Silhouette. I would lurve to win the Silhouette!

    Thank you!

  590. Hey there! I am a new follower of your blog. I visited your blog after seeing you featured on Ucreate. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create next.

    I’d be honored to win a Silhouette. Heck, I would “big puffy heart” to win one! I am now a follower of their blog too.

  591. I’m a follower!!! I hope I win!!

  592. I am a follower of your awesomeness. Your projects are so inspiring. I sooo want to win this.

  593. I follow Silhouette Blog Too.

  594. Ticked all the boxes and enjoyed the Elf reference. I’m an American following all the way from London, UK! I’d love to win…and don’t worry, I’ll pay for postage and I have a converter for the different plug!!

  595. I am a new follower and I’m loving it!! I’m also loving the idea of winning a silhouette!! I can’t even think about the possibilities of winning I would burst out in song!

  596. I just found your blog today. I read your story and totally understand it! I went through the same thing with my ex (he’s still “in it” 21 years later). Thanks for sharing. At the time you feel like you are the only one in the world it is happening to. Would love to win!!! I’ve wanted one for a long, long time….unfortunatly the budget says “no, no you don’t”!

  597. I am now publically following your blog. I have been secretly following for a while now- I don’t know why I never made it public…

    Love this giveaway!

  598. I am a new follower. I would LOVE one of these. Have always wanted one, but they are too expensive. My mind is going in circles thinking of what I could make.

  599. Ok my chances here are slim to none but what the heck..I am a new follower of your cool blog!


  600. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and follow it! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  601. I follow the Silhouette blog too! It’s great!

  602. My random act of kindness… the lady in front of me at Target was short on change…believe it our not I actually had enough quarters (the kids didn’t swipe them yet) to help her out! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  603. i follow you…would really love to step my crafting up with a silhouette!

  604. i follow the silhouette blog

  605. I am now a follower I love your blog and have gotten sooo many Ideas from you thanks for everything.

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  607. I follow you on GFC and I follow Silhouette blog. And I have soooooooo many things i can do with this baby! I want to win one soooo bad! I want to dress up my recently repainted bathroom walls, plus spice up all of the mirrors in the house!

    rennieangie at gmail dot com

  608. I follow the blog and am enviously hoping for a Silhouette of my own one day.

  609. of course i follow you!! you are certainly an inspiration and help me to think outside the box… i have several projects in the works thanks to you! you make it look so easy and fun and do-able..(is that even a word?!) thanks for that!

  610. i now follow Silhouette too! thanks for offering this! you’re the!!!

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  613. I am now a proud follower of the Silhouette blog too yippeeeee!

  614. I love you and I dream of having a Silhouette! My daughter’s and I love to craft and this would make an AMAZING addition to our tool chest. :)

  615. My act of kindness today is I am surprising the kiddos and taking them to the zoo today!

  616. I follow you and Silhouette! I would hate to win this, because then I would never have time to eat or sleep or play with my children.

  617. I’m a follower of your blog…

    (and too have entered MANY a silhouette giveaway, only to be disappointed with zero wins)

  618. I’m a follower of the Silhouette Blog..

  619. O…M….G…i will follow you anywhere and the silhouette blog! My mouth is watering for one of these!

  620. Good deed..well I go to my parents once a week to make them dinner..because I love and appreciate all they do for me. Does that count?

  621. sharing the love. I posted on my fb!

  622. I LOVE your blog!! I I follow : )

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  625. Elf! Favorite movie ever! Please please please let me win this. I too have entered all the other giveaways and I am still patiently waiting to win one.

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  628. I FB ed it!!! :-)

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  630. LOVE YOUR GUTS!! Can’t wait to see what you are up to next! Oh, and winning a Silhouette would fanstically fanstastic!

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  633. I shared on my Facebook page!

    rebekah.allthingzrelated @gmail dot com

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  635. I’m a follower! Thanks for hosting!! :)

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  637. I shared on Twitter @allthngzrelated!

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  639. I donated to the March of Dimes today- does that counts as random act of kindness?!

  640. I’ve been following you and have wanted a Silhouette for a while now too. Congrats.

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  642. I am a follower…. of your blog:)

  643. I am a follower…. of silhouette:)

  644. Random act of kindness- our family made a cake for a single dad and his kids this week. He came to me in tears to tell me how much he appreciated it. Made it all worth it.

  645. So glad I found your blog and this giveaway is awesome!!! I’m a follower now :)

  646. Oh yeah, I follow the Silhouette blog as well. I’ve been stalking them for awhile. I’ve yet to convince my husband that this is something I need, so I just drool……

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  649. I am following you and want to know what I would do if I win? I would send you some vinyl of a printed version of my arms so you can put it on a shirt and I can give you a hug for a LONG LONG TIME lol

  650. I have stalked I mean followed sils blog for awhile hoping that one of those machines will jump out of the screen and land on my lap 😀

  651. tweeted!

  652. I tweeted it <— forgot to add this to the previous posts

  653. I facebooked it

  654. I could say my random act of kindness was tweeting about this cause I hate giving more people a chance to win besides me lol but my real act of kindness was helping this lady at the laundry mat carry all her laundry out. she had a bum arm and was trying to do it all herself.

  655. Ok, your post cracked me up. I am following you!! (sounds stalkerish doesn’t it??)

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  658. I really want to win so I can give it to my wife and make her VERY happy.

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  660. I performed a random act of kindness and gave my parking spot up to someone else.

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    lilcalliesmama at hot mail dot com

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    I am now following you and Silhouette! This would be so awesome to have!

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  664. I posted this on FB!

  665. omg i’ve been dying for this machine ever since i found out what it did. it would be perfect for decorating my new apartment when i move out this summer! the possibilities are endless!

  666. I have been a public follower of Vintage Revivals for a while. :)

  667. I’m already a follower of the silhouette blog.

  668. I am your newest follower and I love your style! I am aspiring to be a great blogger one day and the silhouette would be an amazing tool to help me get started. I am excited to follow your blog and see what new things you are going to be coming up with!:)

  669. Of course I am a follower of the silhouette blog! I have been enviously dreaming of one since I found out what it was and how much it can do! I think Madonna’s twin and I would get along fabulously!

  670. Isn’t service what being a wife is all about? :) I do have to admit that my husband took the cake today by making me breakfast! 😀

  671. Just for the record, I really DO love your guts. :)

    And I want a Silhouette SD so badly, it makes me tear up a little. Really. I, too, entered the million different Silhouette giveaways and had absolutely NO luck. Maybe my luck will change?!

  672. I follow you!

  673. i follow silhouette too!

    here’s my link to the give away. hope this counts?

  675. just found your blog, so talented!! and I want one of these SOOO bad. I’m following you now!!

  676. I’m now a silhouette blog follower! I could love me one of these, seriously, I’ve wanted one for too long!

  677. I follow, I follow!!!!

  678. I’m a follower of your blog and the Silhouette blog.
    Guuuuuuuurl, I’d love to win! Ooo ooo, pick me!

  679. I am a follower!!!!
    I would love to have one of these. You were so cute on Good Things Utah

  680. I follow the Silhouette Blog!!!

  681. I blogged about it and FB it!!! I am so freaking excited about a silhouette. I sooo want one. :)

  682. I’m not an official follower, AND I love Elf, AND I want to win really bad. I would love to give this to my mom (my son’s Mamie Jewels) for her to use to make applique cut-outs for cute outfits. She loves sewing and deserves it more than anything!

  683. I have recently gotten into DIY and crafting and came across your blog yesterday…I just bought my first sewing maching,I crochet,paint, and frequently use mod podge! The only thing that is missing in my crafty life is a Silhouette! I live in Alaska and we are always 2 steps behind everyone and all the latest greatest “toys”…help me stay ahead of the curve with my very own Silhouette!!!
    I follow you and Silhouette.

  684. I follow your blog!

  685. I follow the silhouette blog!

  686. Follower of your blog! <3 it

  687. Follower of Silhouette’s blog. I just look and drool for now, maybe this will let me put my tongue back in my mouth.

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    dragonflyclg at

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    dragonflyclg at

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  691. i follow you (now) and have been following silhouette. the quote is from elf. and i freaking want one of these dang silhouettes so so so bad!!

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  693. I am a follower of both blogs.
    I’ve tweeted. I have facebook. And I have liked.
    I hope hope hope I win this lovely lovely creation. Thanks for the contest :)

  694. I’m following both!

    I love your blog!!!!!

  695. Just found your blog thru Tatertots and Jello. Loved the zebra rug you made!! I’ll be checking you blog from now on for sure. Thanks for sharing.
    And I could really use a Silhoutte!

  696. I want to so bad! the movie reference was elf!
    love what you do!

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  699. I am a follower of your blog!

  700. I am a follower of the Silhouette blog too.

  701. i’m a follower of your blog as wells as silhouette’s !
    there are so many things i can do with it ! it’d be amazing if i won this !

  702. i facebooked it !

  703. random act of kindness: today, i told 5 friends why i appreciate their friendship!

  704. Following you! And I want to win the baddest of us all! 😉

  705. Following the silhouette blog!!!!!!!!

  706. Ohhh I hope I win!

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    I follow you as well as Silhouette. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  709. I love your guts, I’m a follower

  710. I’m a follower of both you and Silouhette. I’m pretty excited to maybe win one. But maybe if I don’t I’ll write them, so they’ll give me one too. :)


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  712. I wanna win in a baaaad way! And yes, I follow you!

  713. er, oh yeah – I already follow the silhouette blog. because i’ve entered so many of these giveaways (and lost every single one of them). so i hope that’s ok that i can’t tell them that someone fabulous sent me.

  714. I’m glad I found your blog – new follower here! I want one super duper bad! I didn’t even know about this awesome piece of machinary until a few weeks ago and started researching it. Now I see it everywhere and I am REALLY hoping to score one and start making great stuff – and then blogging about it!

    I’m following Silhouette Blog already :) yay!

    (that makes two entries right? sweet.)

    drop by sometime!

  715. Elf!

    I’m a follower of yours and Silhouette’s blog. :)

  716. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! I’ve been not-subtly hinting at the hubby that I need one for ages and it doesn’t seem to be working so far. ;( I’m a Vintage Revival follower!

  717. And I’m also a Silhouette follower!

  718. I am a follower of your blog — love it. And, I would love to have this Silhouette!

  719. I’m a new follower.

    I think I’ve entered EVERY Silhouette giveaways and have yet to win.


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    xo janean

  721. I’m a new follower. I would love to win one of these, I would probably pass out from all the excitement if I won, they look like so much fun.

  722. I’m aleady following the Silhoutte blog

  723. I shared it on FB too

  724. Awesome opportunity thanks so much! I just became a follower and can’t wait to play catch up reading your posts! I also became a follower of the silhouette blog. SO COOL!

  725. Came to you blog because it was on My Repurposed Life blog. I am now a follower of you blog and have been a follower of the Silhouette site.

  726. I would love to win this. I have wanted one so badly. Trying to save up enough to buy it. Cold winter weather heat bill is eating up all my savings. This would be the greatest toy ever!

  727. MMkay, if I don’t win this one I am emailing silhouette too!! Here’s to hoping. (I follow both you guys)

  728. I tweeted! @littletipsyblog

  729. I follow you, and love your blog fyi:)

  730. I facebooked.

  731. I am a new follower. It looks like you have a fun blog. I am also a new grandma and I would have an awful lot of fun printing iron ons for baby onsies and jammies. i have also been collecting up bottles and i want to try etching cream with some cool stencils.

    so, as you can see, I could have a lot of fun with the silhouette!


  732. I also follow silhouttes blog

  733. I also facebooked this

  734. I am a follower!

  735. I follow silhouette!

  736. I’m a new follower and want to win this giveaway so bad that I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!! Please universe, pick my comment!

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  738. You are awesome, the giveaway is awesome, your blog is awesome. the silhouette SD is awesome. I send a tweet. I shared on facebook and I am officially a follower on the Silhouette blog. I am already a follower on your awesome blog.
    Have a good one

  739. Can’t quite justify buying this for myself but I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win it!!

  740. I am a new follower and OMG I so want to win… I am ashamed to admit I am still a vinyl virgin! :O HELP ME!!!!!!!!! and I am a new silhouette follower, too!

  741. ummm… I was nice to my mother-in-law for no reason, that is definitely a RAK!

  742. Pick me. Pick me.

  743. I’m a follower! I have so many projects in mind for this! I hope I win :)

  744. I follow the Silhouette blog!

  745. i follow, i follow and i wanna win more than you don’t want people to judge your messy house! :-p

  746. I’d love to win your giveaway!


  747. Also – I follow your blog & the Siloutte blog!


  748. I follow your super awesome blog! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I so want one of these!
    And I’m already a follower of Silhouette’s blog :)

  749. I’m a follower, not a leader but a follower of your way awesome blog & duh, of silhouettes. Two awesome blogs. Acts of kindness, I’m ironing, yaya but not for me for one of my “adopted” moms. Love her!

  750. Tweeted the crap out of this!

  751. Mentioned it on FB

  752. Of course I follow your blog, I was one of your first followers too! I think I was like number 19 when I followed you and I have been stalking your blog…er..following it every chance I get!
    Knuckle bump!!!!

  753. I gave a homeless man all the food in my car the other day because I never have any cash and he looked like he needed something.

  754. I follow silhouette, even though I don’t have one yet…that’s why I better win! I enter these all the time, so I am crossing my fingers!!

  755. I now follow you. I’m so glad I’m trying super hard to win this! I was sent here from C.R.A.F.T. and am glad to have found a new blog to read.

    lcd7383 at gmail dot com

  756. I follow the silhouette blog. I keep saving posts in hope I win one some day!

    lcd7383 at gmail dot com

  757. Random Act of Kindness

    Someone at my apt.’s mailbox dropped their mail, I helped pick it all up. I’d hope someone would do the same for me.

    lcd7383 at gmail dot com

  758. I’m a follower! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!


  759. I LOVE vinyl anything and would LOVE to win a Silhouette SD. I also LOVE your blog, always such fun ideas.
    mcclusks at bellsouth dot net

  760. I am a new follower of your blog and already follow Silhouette!