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This is my friend Chandra and her family, they are just about the GREATEST people ever.

I woke up this morning to an email.

They found out yesterday that their 4 year old daughter has Stage 4 cancer.  They are at Primary Childrens right now preparing to operate.  Get on your knees and pray for Jessica and her parents, and while you are there thank Heavenly Father for your sweet babies.  I know with all my heart that the Lord hears our prayers so please pray for this beautiful family.

This was the email I recieved.

Hey Vera,


Bob has been making calls to the Elders in the ward to call all their home teaching families, and start praying for the Schmitt family. He is also letting the Elder’s Quorum know that they will be having a fast as a Quorum on Sunday and anyone else who can participate would be great.

Here is the update. We just spoke with Chandra’s family and things are pretty bad. Jessica was complaining of a side ache for a couple of days and when the pain intensified today, they took her in this morning to the doctor. She has been having tests done all day and the doctors here confirmed that she had STAGE 4 cancer. The tumor size in her liver was bigger than her heart. It is pushing into the lungs. Stage 4 means it has gone from one organ into another. Cody and Chandra are flying to Primary Children’s tonight and they are going to run tests on Jessica all night. In the morning she will be having surgery to remove the tumor. Chandra’s family said the doctors said they would be there at least a month. Right now the best thing we can do is pray that her little body will do good in surgery tomorrow morning.

Please keep all of the Schmitts in your prayers.

We will keep you updated. Cody is keeping in touch with Bob.

Thank You
Becky Burns

For anyone that would like to donate or to recieve updates I have set up a small blog

Please pass it on.



  1. Oh that just breaks my heart. I will be praying for them.


  2. big prayers from me too!!

  3. that is heartbreaking. I will definitely pray for them.

  4. I hope this family draws strength from all the prayers being said for their beautiful little girl!

  5. I gosh – I am just sick about this. Sending our prayers to the family.

  6. Prayers are coming from California!! What a beautiful family. I can’t even imagine facing something like that. We will be praying night and day for her!

  7. oh my prayers are with them!!! HUGS!!

  8. Love and prayers for this family!
    Leigh Ann

  9. will do. cancer runs rampant in my family so I can only imagine what they’re going through. I’m wishing the best for them!!!! <3

  10. This is just heartwrenching… prayers her way…

  11. I am praying as hard and as fast as I can.


  12. I am so sorry to hear this, I will be praying for this beautiful little girl!

  13. We’ll be praying:/

  14. I am the same age as Chandra we just went to different schools but I know who she is. That is so sad! Our friends had the exact same thing happen to their boy last year. He has now gone through all the surgeries, chemo & treatments & is doing really good. He also was at Primary Childrens. Hopefully it will go as well for her!

  15. I hate this. A good friend of mine’s 4 year old son Skyler found out he has Leukemia in August ( and he has been at primary children’s hospital since then having so many surgeries and procedures done. I hate that these pour children have to go through that. I wish I was wealthy so I could do something with substance for these families. But I guess I’ll have to stick with small donations and lots of prayers. She’ll be in my prayers along with Skyler.

  16. Ya know, I’m going to Primary Children’s tomorrow night with my mom and sisters to take some gifts to Skyler and my friend Crystal. Maybe I’ll bring a little something for Jessica too.

  17. Sending prayers for All.. So sorry for them all. Thanks for posting, please keep us updated. Is there anything we can send for the other kids while the parents are away? Little cards, goodies or anything else?

  18. this is absolutely heart-breaking. i will certainly keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Wow. I would not be able to handle this. Not in the least. Prayers to the family and this sweet little girl. Lots and lots of thoughts and prayers.

  20. I will be praying! I have some friends who just went through this with their 9 month old- so many prayers were sent up by everyone they know and he is doing great now. Our God is an AWESOME God!

  21. Lord, I am asking for healing for this little girl. I don’t know what the outcome will be…what you will allow…what the results of that will be….but I am asking for healing. Complete and total healing for Jessica. I know your love for her and her family is more than the rest of us combined and I am asking for healing.

    Lord, put your arms around this family so that they feel a physical touch from you. Comfort them and strengthen them. Let your Angels surround their house, the hospital room, their car…be with Jessica’s brothers and sisters. Be with her parents. Be with all those that are touched by this family.

    Lord, give wisdom to the doctors that are helping Jessica.

    Lord, heal her…please

  22. We will be adding our prayers. I don’t have any words to say what I feel right now. May God be with them.

  23. Lots of prayers will be said from our family too. Only with God can miracles happen.

  24. Oh this is so sad…I know we don’t know each other, nor do I know this little girl, but my heart is still breaking. Of course when you hear something like this, you see yourself and own children in that position….My thoughts are with all those this is impacting. I do believe in miracles and this little girl will be one….

    Take care,

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