End Table Redo

This was one of the first pieces that I did about 2 months ago so the before pics are HORRIBLE…sorry ’bout that.  I found this table at the DI (goodwill) for $8.00.  Can you believe that?!?!

I primed her with Kilz (p.s. I just got the greatest tip aobut Kilz today!)
Katie Seamons said

“So I just linked to your blog after going to all things thrifty. Thought I would pass a hint along. I have done a few pieces of furniture with the Kilz per A.T.T. and I have found that if I shake the cans longer than the minute the can says I don’t have the sandpaper. Go closer to two minutes. If I sprayed and it was sandpaper-y I shook it some more and every time it fixed it. Good luck, I’m now a follower!”

Thanks Katie!

This was my hugest complaint that I had about Kilz was the sandpaper finish.  I am so excited to try this tip out!

Where was I?  Oh yes so then I spray painted it with a few coats of Krylon Sun Yellow.  I love this color!  When I bought it I was kind of afraid because IT.IS.YELLOW. but it turned out so fun!

After paint I glazed it with Ralph Lauren Faux Glaze in Black Silk.  One thing that I learned was, DO NOT GLAZE IN 100 DEGREE HEAT!  First of all because its freaking hot! Second of all because it makes the glaze set really fast and you will have to work in much smaller sections because it dries so fast.  You can see my glazing technique {here}and this is how it turned out…

 (I’m not sure why the color is different in this picture…)


A lot of the time when people refinish this style of funiture they repaint the hardware.  I didn’t because the color seemed to work really well with the yellow.

Total Cost Of This Treasure:
Table: $8.00
1 Can Primer: $4.87
2 Cans of Spray Paint: $5.93
Glaze: Already Had
Grand Total: $   18.80

What are you working on this week?  Leave me a comment because I would love to see!



  1. oooo, I LOVE this! It’s beautiful! (Yellow is my favorite color. I need more of it in my house.)

  2. Hi. I am a blog stalker. Found you from all things thrifty:) I love your blog! I too am obsessed with thrift stores and I loooove seeing what other people get and turn cute:) Seriously am loving your stuff!

  3. Love it!! Turned out super cute! I just bought me a fun side table from my local thrift store a few days ago and I’ve been debating on what color to paint it.Love all your fun projects.

  4. Oh I am so down with “look what I found fridays” it’s not even funny! Half of my house is goodwill:)
    You might be my blogging soul mate! IS that creepy? Probably.

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! the color is fab!

  6. MANDI! I love it! Seriously I should have you find stuff for me too! Or tag along! You have a great eye for the gems!

  7. That is gorgeous!

  8. Wow! Now that is so cool! I have seen these type of tables at GW a lot and always want to buy one to paint, but I really don’t have anywhere to put one. I remember having one as a child that I used to hide in! I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog! Your projects inspire me to do something!

  9. I love this. Just found you from House of Smiths and will be checking you out more. Love the end table. So cool.

  10. That is awesome. I saw the linky at Tatertots and the color immediately got my attention- fabulous!

  11. I LOVE IT! Its so something you would see at Anthro! These are my favorite kinds of projects. Im a new follower! I just love your site! Found you on Tatertots and Jello

  12. Where do you find the Ralph Lauren Glaze I have not been able to find it anywhere and would love to try it on some of my projects. BTW your projects inspire me to take the time and work on my home instead of buying total room packages which I HATE with every fiber of my being! Thanks again!

  13. LOVE this table! The yellow is fun n cheery!

  14. LOVE this table!! The yellow is fun n cheery!!

  15. Deborah Mc says:

    I have similar end tables passed down from my Mom. Mine is in excellent shape, so I did not paint them but will keep this in mind for future renovation. I do love it!

  16. OMG!!! I just found a sewing table that match this!!! I just painted tiffany blue with silver and it’s waiting for a second coat in my garage!!!! :)

  17. That yellow cabinet that u redid, absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! And the white one too!


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