DIY Geometric Himmeli Wreath (made with cocktail straws!!)

Hey guys!!  Just wanted to reshare this awesome geometric wreath tutorial from last year,  it is still one of my favorite projects of all time!!


This wreath.  This wreath saved me.

DIY Geometric Wreath Tutorial

You know when you are so inspired by something it is all you can think about!?  I want to Himmeli everything.

Lets back up.  You are probably saying “Himmeli?”  Lets. discuss.  Himmeli is a traditional Scandinavian art.  They typically make them at Christmas time and they are the most gorgeous mobiles that you have ever seen (Google it!!)

I was in a decorating funk and for the life of me couldn’t find any holiday inspiration.  So I started googling things that I love.  When I googled Geometric Wreath I found HRUSKAA.  It is an etsy shop that makes amazing Himmeli projects.  Melissa’s Himmeli wreath is made out of Brass or Copper tubing and worth every cent (I priced one out in brass supplies and the cost alone was $60.00) not to mention that you have to cut 105 pieces.  You should totally go and check out her shop,  it is going to shoot to the top of your sugarplum dreams.  And while my wreath is not exactly the same as hers, it was totally inspired by it.

The wreath and how to make something similar lived in my every thought for days.  After trying my hand at making simple Himmeli ornaments, I felt like I understood the design process a lot better.  Looking at a 3 dimensional object 2 dimensionally is enough to give you an aneurism.  After trying a few techniques I feel like I came up with an extremely easy technique to make a geometric wreath.

(And when I say easy, I mean my 10 year old can do it.  So you can totally do it too!)

Tutorials for this type of project are notoriously confusing and make you want to give up on life completely.  I am doing everything I can to combat that problem.  Please don’t give up on life.

I even made a video because, lets face it, sometimes it is just easier to learn things in person.

But of course I had to do a regular tutorial too.  So lets get to it!

To make a Himmeli Wreath you will need:

1 Package of Cocktail Straws

1 Spool of 30 Gauge Floral Wire

Start by cutting your straws down to right length.  To make a wreath that is 19 inches at its widest point I cut the straws to 4 1/2 inches.

The fastest and most efficient way to cut 105 straws is to use a rotary cutter and a guide.

Geometric Wreath Tutorial

Before you get started I have a few tips:

  • When you are connecting the wire you will only need to wrap it once (unless you are finishing a line, then you will want to wrap it a couple more times.)
  • Tuck in as many of the tails as you can (I talk about this a little bit more in the video)
  • Handle this like it is a newborn baby flower.  VERY carefully.  Straw is not the strongest material on the planet.

Now is the fun part.

Measure out 2 1/2 arms length of wire.

How To Make a Geometric Straw Wreath Step 1

Geometric Himmeli Wreath Tutorial Step 2

Geometric Wreath Tutorial Step 3

DIY Wreath Step 4

How To Make Himmeli

Himmeli Wreath Step 6

How To Make a Geometric Wreath Step 7

Geometric Himmeli Wreath Tutorial Step 8

Geometric Himmeli Pentagon Step 9

Geometric Wreath DIY Step 10


You are done with your first piece!!  Now you just need to make 7 of these PacMan/Pentagon shapes.  After you have done that,  this is where you pick up the tutorial.

Wire Wreath Tutorial Step 11

DIY Geometric Wreath

How To Make A Himmeli Wreath

DIY Wreath Step 12

Geometric Wreath How To Step 13

Openwork Wreath Tutorial

Clip your wires and you are done!

One little tip, if you are planning on spray painting your wreath string a small piece of wire from one of the outer points so you have something to hold while you are painting!  (I used this gold to paint mine!)

Geometric Wreath Tutorial



**Just an FYI the center wreath in this picture is a different design.  The 2 wreaths on the outsides are from this tutorial.  You can see the tutorial for the second wreath here.


Modern Christmas Ideas

Himmeli Geometric Wreath Project

Geometric Wire Wreath Himmeli

And because I am obsessed I have one hanging in my kitchen too…

Geometric Wreath Tutorial vintagerevivals

Geometric Himmeli Wreath Tutorial

DIY Geometric Wreath Tutorial vintagerevivals

So what do you think?  Is this a project that you are going to try?

Love Your Guts


Wood and Brass Box Shelf

Hey guys!!

I have the simplest tutorial for you today!! Since we are still wrapping up The Nugget series, and this baby couldn’t be missed! (Don’t worry, the light tutorial is coming next!)

I obviously wanted a shelf above this little window because that would be adorable, but I also needed to be able to store things in it while we were travelling.

This simple box shelf is what I came up with. It would be SO cute in a bathroom!!

Vintage Trailer Renovation Makeover 

Here is how we made it.

Start by cutting premium pine to the width of your shelf (the long pieces) and the height of your shelf (the short pieces)

DIY Wooden Box Shelf


Using wood glue (I love Titebond III) and finishing nails, attach the long pieces to the tops of the shorties.

DIY Wooden Box Shelf-4


DIY Wooden Box Shelf-5

DIY Wooden Box Shelf-6


When our box was built, we measured in 1 3/4 and 3 inches on both sides for the brass rods.

DIY Wooden Box Shelf-7


Then I drilled out the holes.

DIY Wooden Box Shelf-9


To attach it to the wall, I used basic L brackets, and attached them to the studs in the trailer.

DIY Wooden Box Shelf-10

Attach the brass rods into the holes, and ta da!  you are finished!!

DIY Wooden Box Shelf-11


Vintage Trailer Renovation Makeover