Cold Dead Fingers //10

I have been on the hunt for a treasure or 2 and have come up empty handed every time.  It is starting to warm up again so hopefully that means that everyone will be defrosting their old furniture and selling it (hopefully to me!). 

There are some AMAZING pieces on #colddeadfingers that bring hope back into the world, here are a few of my favorites!

Whitney’s caption was too good to not share.

“Whelp I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with these but they were just too cute to pass up. Maybe home school the neighbor kids. Ha!”



These geode specimen holders need to be in my life.  Seriously.  They told me!



Vintage Kilim for $25!!



I love the Viking vibe of this entire set up.  The vintage rattan is everything!!



Vintage Plycraft chair?  Always a good idea.  Vintage Plycraft chair for $30? You should check your pulse, because you might not be alive.


Make sure to hashtag #colddeadfingers on all of your thrift score finds! For those that are newish and wondering why #colddeadfingers…Cold Dead Fingers because it is soooo good it can only be pried from (you guessed it) your cold dead fingers!  It’s the REALLY good finds!



When to Reupholster a Couch + Coupon Code

Growing up my best friends dad had an upholstery shop in their garage. MAN what I wouldn’t give to be able to go back in time and actually pay attention to what he was doing!  On one particular occasion I remember asking why someone would one have an old couch reupholstered (because at that point in my life I couldn’t fathom that someone wouldn’t want something new from RC Willey). His response was “Because they like it so much they would pay for it again.”

For months I hunted for the perfect slouchy retro couch and came up short.  I even enlisted the help of a professional furniture hunter (@domfasano he is in Phoenix and always finds the most amazing things!) but pickins were scarce and the reality is that it wasn’t going to be cheap.  I was 87% convinced that I was going to have to make a couch.  That was a daunting situation given the time frame that I had to turn the living room around in.

That is when I stumbled upon the black couch.  I found it on KSL (a online classified in Utah) for $150.  It was about 4 hours away but I was headed up north anyway so it wasn’t a big deal to take the truck instead of my car.

I was holding out the best kind of hope that it would be perfection, that not a thing would need to be done to it.

I was wrong.

The black naugahyde was bad.  Real bad.


But the shape was so great.  It was exactly what I wanted. 

I hemmed and hawed over what to do and decided that I was not going to find a couch style that I liked more than this one.  Buying vintage is awesome, but the fact of the matter is that you are buying something 40+ years old and sometimes it needs a little work done to be able to last another 40. 

I called my friend Mark Luke that did the cushions for The Nugget to see if this was a project he wanted to tackle.  (Luke’s Custom Upholstery for those in St. George.  I cant recommend him enough!!)  He said it would be no problem, and told me how much fabric I would need.  A project this size, with as much detail as this couch has (the entire thing is one cushion, the seat cushions are not removable) I knew that it was not something that I would be able to tackle.  Simple reupholstery?  All day.  This?  It would have been a freaking disaster.

I kind of went back and forth about using real leather, and vinyl for a little bit.  I ultimately decided on real because I am planning on having this thing forever and I want it to get better with age.

Vintage Leather Couch-16


The leather that I ended up with is from Leather Hide Store.  It’s a new line that they have called Restorations and the color is Wicker.  This leather seems like it is supposed to distress over time.  There is a slightly shiny coating on it and when you wrinkle it, it lightens where the folds are.

Leather Hide Store Restorations Leather

This little situation works great in my case because I want it to distress in places that it naturally would.  (If you are looking for something that doesn’t distress, they have a really pretty camel that I was also looking at.) We haven’t had to clean it yet, and it’s only lived with us for about a week, but I will keep you guys updated on how it wears!

To celebrate the reuphlstery option, Leather Hide Store is running an exclusive promo for VR readers.  If you use the code Restoration10, you will get an additional 10% off their already fantastic prices on the Restoration line.  The coupon code is good for 30 days from today (and just a side note, the Restorations line is pretty popular, so shipping may be delayed for a few weeks if it goes into backorder)

Vintage Leather Couch

The last bit of changes we made were the awful legs that were on the poor thing.  Back in the early days of Vintage Revivals I would have spray painted, and glazed them :).  A few months ago I bought a pair of chairs off of CL.  They weren’t anything amazing or specials, but they had really good MCM legs and were so cheap.  Fast forward to last week, the legs were the exact height that I needed and because I bought 2 chairs, I had enough for all 5 legs.  Love it when that happens!!


Loft Living Room Makeover

When I came to grips with the reality that I probably wasn’t going to find my dream couch at the thrift store this time (sad!!) I figured out what I had in the budget for a couch.  Court was all over spending more to get something that was comfortable, and that I loved (because he hated the orange couch so much.) 

Looking on 1st dibs, and Ebay the reality of the situation was that, even if I could find a couch to buy, it was going to be at least $3k.  The Hamilton from West Elm was going to be over $2k.   I figured out the total cost for reupholstery, and it came in at just under $1500.00 (including the couch).  That still sounds INSANE.  $1500 is not nothing, but a dream couch, in real leather was totally worth it!  Especially when I was still coming in lower than I was planning on.

I feel like with this couch saga my eyes were opened to what “They like it so much they would buy it again” really meant.  If I found this couch online exactly the way that it is now, would I buy it?  Not only that, but would I be over the moon excited about it?!  That answer is a yes in the most serious Morgan Freeman voice I can muster.  (Things always seem to hold so much more weight when he says them, right?!)

Loft Living Room Makeover

Would I do it again?  Morgan Freeman Yes. I will totally keep you guys updated on how the leather is wearing once we start breaking it in!

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