Black and White Statement Wall

You guys!! I am so excited about today’s project!! Forever ago I fell down the inspiration hole called the internet and came across the coolest street artist.  Aakash Nihalani uses tape and cardboard to make these amazing geo openwork structures.  I have been itching to recreate one on a wall and finally got around to it (of course with the help of my partners at ScotchBlue™.)

Black and White Geo Wall

The supplies are as simple as could be:

ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape Multi-Surface with Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector (for use on walls with light texture)
Paint in the color of your wall (in my case Tricorn Black by SW)
Paint in the color that you are painting your shape (White)
Paint Brush
Level and/or straight edge
Razor Blade

Do you ever wonder what type of ScotchBlue™ tape you need?  My rule of thumb is to use the Delicate (orange) on surfaces that are freshly painted (within the last 48 hours) or surfaces that are extremely smooth (where the paint didn’t have a rough surface to adhere to) the Advanced tape (green) is my go to because it works on almost any surface walls, wood, furniture, glass, you name it.

So to get started with this project you need to mark 2 spots on your wall.  One directly on top of the other.

Mark 1


This is where the center vertical line will be.  Remember the distance between the 2 marks, because you will be using it again!

Then measure out and mark where your corner will be.  You don’t have to worry about exact angles here, just what looks pleasing to your eye.

Then using your level, measure and mark the exact same distance for the other side.

Mark 2


Now, using the same distance that was between your first 2 marks, measure up and mark above marks 3 and 4.

Mark 3


Lastly, you are going to measure and mark 1 more vertical line in the center of your cube.

Mark 4


Now the fun can begin!

Using a pencil (in my case a colored one so you can see the marks against the wall in pictures) draw a straight line connecting the bottom right edge.  Then measure an inch up and draw a second line.  Place your tape on the outside of both of these lines. This will leave the gap that we need to paint our cube.  To keep my brain straight, on the angled lines I connected the original marks and this made the outside edge, then I measured in 1”.  On the vertical lines you’ll need to center your original mark on the inside of the 1” space or it will be wonky.

Black and White Geo Wall-2

Black and White Geo Wall-3


Draw two vertical lines starting at the tape line that you just created and extending up to the next set of marks.

Black and White Geo Wall-5


Repeat Step 1-3 to form the left side of the cube, mirroring the strips on the right side.

Black and White Geo Wall-8


(You’ll need to go back through with a razor blade and clean up the inside angles.)

The next step is to create the center line.  (Remember to center the point or it will be a wonkfest!)

Black and White Geo Wall-10


Then you’ll connect the outer edges to the center line and clean up the overlap.

Black and White Geo Wall-16


To finish off your cube shape,  connect the outside lines to your last remaining mark.  Then connect the horizontal sides to that.  Can you see the cube?  Magical!

Black and White Geo Wall-23


Fill the backside of your cube with parallel pieces of tape (make sure that they match up on both sides!

Black and White Geo Wall-26


The last step before painting is to trim the tape between the stripes (otherwise they would just be floating in the middle of your cube, and that’s just not the look we are going for.)

Black and White Geo Wall-28




If you hear nothing else that I say today, hear this.  The secret to getting perfect paint lines is to put a small amount of your wall color along the tape BEFORE you put on the accent color.  Especially if you have textured walls.

Black and White Geo Wall-31


When that coat is dry then you can go back through with your accent color.

Black and White Geo Wall-32


Peel off your tape at a 45 degree angle while the top coat is still slightly wet.

Black and White Geo Wall-33

Black and White Geo Wall-34

Seriously.  Can that line be any more perfect?!


Black and White Geo Wall-29

Black and White Geo Wall

Can you imagine this as a repeating pattern on an entire wall?  Amazing.

Huge thanks to ScotchBlue™ for teaming up with me on this project!!


The Overconfident Dream List of Pre-Baby Projects

Man, there is nothing that lights a fire under me like telling me that I cant do something.  And in roughly 20 weeks, we will have a new little nugget that will undoubtedly make it hard to tear myself away to go and paint a wall.  (I was trying to explain to Court that its practically September, which means its October, which means Christmas is over, which means we have like 2 weeks until the baby is here.) 

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys the list of all I’d like to get accomplished. Court thinks I am insane, but you guys are really good enablers so lets get the guy motivated together!!

The Master Bedroom.  Sighhhhhhhhh.  The freaking master bedroom.  You may remember a while ago (um. 2013)I had major plans to do a real time master makeover.  I got a few projects deep and at this point just didnt love where it was going.  So I stopped to re-evaluate.



When BHG came to shoot I whipped it into shape a little so that it was ready for pictures, but in my mind it just wasnt ever done (you know that feeling rihgt?)


Then I had some big plans to turn it into an office (lots of walls for pictures) so we moved the bed into the teeny 4th bedroom and have been camping out in there for a few months.  Long story short, I’m ready for it to be a bedroom again.  Right now all I’ve got figured out is the headboard (its going to be so goooood!!) but once everything gets rolling I’m hoping it’ll all fall into place.

The Kitchen.  Sighhhhhhhhhhhh x2.  The kitchen makeover started with the tile (hellooooo 2 years ago!) and came to a dead standstill once that was done.  The thing is, I dont want to completely renovate it.  I dont have 20k to pour into it, I want it to be actually doable for most people that hate their kitchen and have a teeny budget.  That being said, I dont want it to look like I spent nothing.  And have you guys seen this piece of art the Nick and Beth did?  Can you imagine something similar only 10x bigger?  Maybe as big as a kitchen table?!



The Laundry Room.  Our laundry room hasnt been touched since the day we moved into this house.  Beige paint and horrible linoleum greet me every time I walk in the door.  No wonder I hate laundry (jk, I would hate laundry even if I had to do it in the most gorgeous laundry room ever.) but its such a teeny space that with a little bit of effort we could have it looking and functioning a million times better than it does right now.  I’m a little torn between using the same tile that we used in the kitchen, or doing something really exciting like this tile from Home Depot (HELLLOOOOOO. Way to step up your tile game HD!)



The Nursery.  The teeny 4th bedroom will be the baby’s room (once we get moved back into the master.)  The problem that I’m having is that I’m not sure I’m ready to dedicate an entire room to a baby that will most likely sleep in our bedroom.  Thoughts on this one? 

Ok so who wants to come over and help?