Week 25 and The Togetherness Project

Friday is here (how!? it was just Monday!) and things around these parts are moving just as fast as this last week!  My family came down last week for a last hoorah before my sister Amy moved to Dallas. 



We miss her SO much already.  While she was here, she rocked our Week 25 bump video with some of her favorite names for the little guy.  I am so glad that we are taking the time to do these, it will be such a fun thing to look back on and see all of the people that we love dancing and just being all around amazing.


I have an event coming up that I wanted to share. As most of you know, addiction and addiction recovery is a massive part of my life.  When Jacy from The Togetherness Project reached out about speaking at a conference that they were putting on for women affected by addiction in their marriage, I was so honored and excited to be part of it!  The event is October 17 in Salt Lake City.


The Togetherness Project  was founded to help support women who have dealt with addiction in their marriage, being heavily focused on those who have dealt with pornography and sexual addiction.  Any addiction is devastating and so many times when it’s our partner that is dealing with it, its easy to say “its his problem, I’m just the victim.” which in most cases is true. But addiction destroys so much more than just the addict’s life and healing has to happen for everyone involved whether you are staying in the marriage or not.  To have a place full of women that understand, truly understand, is more important than we realize.  That is what The Togetherness Project is about.  The one day conference is full of breakout sessions lead by AMAZING speakers.  I will be speaking during the lunch break, and would love to see you there!!  You can get more info on the event and register for tickets here!

Lastly, I just want to let you know that I think you’re wonderful.  I so appreciate the time that you take out of your life to visit my little corner of the world.  Its so easy to get caught up in more and more, and better and better. And while I feel like I am failing miserably right now on the content front, I’m thankful for each and every one of you.

Now. I’m going to stop crying (lets blame the hormones) and get to building.  Have an awesome weekend love!


Plans for the Master Bedroom!

Hellloooo!! Exciting news on the home front, the Master makeover has commenced!! Man its been a long time coming.

One of the main motivating factors for this space (and for the spaces in the house from here on out) is to tie everything together in a way that flows and makes sense.  All without losing the personality that I am so passionate about infusing. Its kind of a new challenge for me that I’m excitedly embracing!  Looking at the house as a whole, and not as individual rooms…what a novel idea.  Just a little growing up if you will (but I mean, not growing up that much because where is the fun in that?)

To give you a sense of where we’ve been at we are working with, let me share some of my most favorite pictures ever.  This is what the master looked like when we bought our house.  Minus the furniture. That carpet, am I right?

Master Bedroom Before[2]-2


When we moved in we replaced all of the flooring with this goodness from Build Direct. And have loved it ever since. 

 Master Bedroom Navy Stencil


The room got a heavy dose of stenciling circa 2011 and stayed that way for about 2 years. 

Custom Bedding

Gallery Wall

Ah the days of the ornate frame obsession.

One of the best things about having a blog is that instead of daydreaming about what I would do to a space, and pinning, and pining over what to do, I have permission to just do it (and Court gets to go along with it!).   Since then the room has been in a constant state of unsettledness (<—totally a word in this context). 

 Color Blocked Vintage Wicker Headboard Project


I tried a few things that I didn’t love (like the green wall above) so it went back to white, and without a fire to get me started it just sort of stayed fine. But fine is lame. Fine dies today. (Pretty shot for BHG but not real)



The configuration of the master bedroom cant really be messed with.  There are 3 doorways (the door into the room from the hallway, the bathroom, and the glass door onto the patio)  Which sort of leaves us with 1 great option for the wall that the bed goes on, right smack dab between the windows.  The windows that I love and hate at the same time.  They are just troublemakers.  The wall is really wide and even with a king size bed, the windows are a little far away.  To put nightstands on the sides of the bed they obviously need to be centered on the windows, that are large, and far.  So basically I need 2 smallish dressers instead of 2 regular size nightstands.  Because what’s the point if you cant even reach it from the bed?

I want the room to feel happy and collected.  I want to tie it into the anchor spaces in the house (the living room, entryway, and soon to be kitchen)

Loft Living Room Makeover


So here is the plan.  We are doing a modern planked wall (it is awesome, I cant wait for you guys to see it!!) and trimming out the windows in black like we did in the living room.  Which means the old board and batten is coming down. 

The headboard is going to be a fun variation of my favorite project in the Nugget, the geometric floor.



The light is a giant version of the geo brass one in The Nugget, I’ve got a video tutorial coming up on The Design Network and everything!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.13.45 AM

I’m on the hunt for dressers to serve as nightstands (maybe?) and I’ve got some really great shelves in mind.  Maybe a couch?  I don’t know, do you have a couch in your bedroom?  Is it functional or is it a laundry couch?

Its kind of fun to look back and see how much my style as changed.  Lots of “ what was I thinking?!” moments.