Cold Dead Fingers //7

You guys are seriously blowing me away with your freaking amazing #colddeadfingers posts.  Every new post is just SO good.

I found a pretty great pair of lights on Craigslist last week.  At least I thought they were a pair.  When I called the seller to set up a pick up he told me that he had sold one.  Whyyyyyyy?  If you have a pair of anything, keep it that way, I promise it is worth it!  Lights, chairs, eyes (because who wants just one eye?).  All of the things.  Pairs=Joy

So there was just one light.  Which was fine, it was amazing enough on it’s own.   But there is just something about knowing that there is a mate somewhere out there (sing that like Fievel!)  So if you live in Southern UT and you have the twin, message me.  I will pay you with lots of money and Durangos.

Mid Century Hanging Light

Mid Century Hanging Light-2

Mid Century Hanging Light-3


So today, in memory of my light’s forever lost twin, I thought it would be fun to honor those that still have their life partner.

These chairs.  There is nothing more to say.




Lets just pause for a minute and imagine the insane joy of finding these beauties on Craigslist.




Nightstands?  Yes.  $10 for the pair? $*(&#$*  YES!!




Perfect colors.



It was Shannon’s birthday.  Obviously.


Instagram: http://instagram/shannon_burlapandlace

Make sure you hashtag your amazing furniture scores #colddeadfingers so that we can all be jealous together mmkay?

Love Your Guts

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The Nugget: Refinishing The Countertops

Dudes!  We are overhauling a 1972 Bell Travel Trailer!  Follow the entire series from the beginning here!

Hooray!! The little Nugs that could is chugging along!

One of the elements that just couldn’t survive the overhaul (besides the blue carpet) was the lime green Formica countertops.  In the right place they are AMAZING but the conclusion came about that there could only be a few design stars, and the countertops just didn’t make the cut.

Working within the confines of a trailer makes things different.  One of the biggest factors that needs to be considered is adding weight.  I knew that I wanted to save my added weight allowance and use it elsewhere (like the floors!!) so I needed something lightweight that had major transformation powers.

A concrete overlay countertop was just the ticket.  Now, I know what you might be thinking.  Yes it is concrete, but it is only about 1/8” thick.  And yes it is durable.  (We will get into that in another post!)

VIntage Trailer Renovation Concrete Overlay Countertops

For the last year or so blogland has been abuzz with talk of Ardex Feather Finish and its magnificent countertop transforming powers.   After doing a little internet sleuthing I found out that Ardex Feather Finish is made by a company called Henry.  Do you know what else they make (among other things)? Henry Feather Finish that is sold at Home Depot.

I couldn’t find an exact yes or no answer to if they were the same, so I called Henry and asked.  This was their response:

“  Technically, no, they are not the same.  As far as using them, and their performance, they are the same.  In a blind test, the manufacturer wouldn’t be able to tell you which is which.  “

YESSSSS!  Best news ever!!  While Ardex Feather Finish and Henry Feather Finish aren’t exactly the same their performance is! (You can find it in the flooring isle at HD!)

Ardex Feather Finish Henry Feather Finish

The process I used is from the original concrete wonder, Miss Kara Paslay. (She has a great FAQ here if you are attempting this project!)

When we bought it, The Nugs had 2 faucets.  The one on the left went to the outside water hook up, and the one on the right was connected to the water tank inside the trailer.

They had to go. It was like a faucet fiesta. The blue switch box powers the small electrical pump that pumps water from the tank…that had to go too.

Vintage Trailer Renovation 

Taking them out left 2 holes that needed to be patched.  After securing a piece of wood on the underside of the countertops, we filled the holes with wooden dowel and screwed them down.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


We sanded the edges to make sure that they were flush with the countertops.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


And drilled a hole for the single handle faucet that we were planning on installing.  (This one)  The faucet saga is a whole different blog post, so we will just leave it at …To Be Continued.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


The biggest warning that Kara gives when installing concrete overlay countertops is that the surface needs to be SOLID.  The situation with our countertops was that they were totally solid, but the top layer that was the actual Formica was loose in a few spots.  We used our staple gun to secure it nice and tight.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


The countertops also need to be roughed up a lot.  I used 40 grit sandpaper and obviously went to town.  Making sure to get all of the smooth finish off of them.

After all of the dust is cleaned off the real fun begins.  The Feather Finish has the consistency of firm pudding.  It was at this point that I tried to do a Bill Cosby impression and Court just gave me a blank stare…so there is that.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


We spread the first layer with a trowel and then switched to a plastic putty knife.  We liked the putty knife better.

Vintage Trailer Renovation

Lay down a few thin layers, sanding down the high spots in between.  Get as much of the dust cleaned up as you can between layers.

We found that the more layers we added, the more color variation we got.  I am not sure why, but if you want something that isn’t mottled with different shades of gray, you will want to keep that in mind.

Vintage Trailer Renovation

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Here is the third layer going on:

Vintage Trailer Renovation


When it was all said and done I gave it a good sanding with 400 grit sandpaper.  It is so smooth, it feels like glass.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Sealing concrete is different than sealing concrete countertops.  The most important thing to take into consideration is that because it is countertops, where food will be prepped, the sealer needs to be food safe.  Forever ago when I was planning this for my kitchen, (don’t worry, I haven’t left you guys in the dark,  I am still rocking the beige) I ordered Cheng Concrete Sealer and have just been hanging onto it since.

Concrete Countertop Sealer

While sealing, I learned a few things.  1.  Southern Utah heat + the need to keep the concrete wet the entire time is definitely a 2 person job.  One that I didn’t do so well.  I can tell where the concrete absorbed the sealer differently in a few spots.  Next time I will make sure that Court can help me. Also, the sealer made the concrete significantly darker.  Which is fine, but I sort of loved the lighter color better.  So keep that in mind too.

All in all, new updated countertops for less than $50 is a huge win!!

Love Your Guts

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