Alicia’s Office Reveal

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I am so excited to finally share today’s room reveal with you guys!   When my friends over at P&G and The Home Depot approached me about this project I knew that it would be an experience that I would never forget.  Keeping the fun projects in this room under wraps has been really hard,  but now we can be besties without any secrets between us again. 

If you remember from the behind the scenes post earlier this week, this was a whirlwind makeover.  Like 3 days start to finish.  That was a first.   Also I just realized that there are probably 5 people that are actually reading this part of the post, everyone else has already scrolled down for pictures.  So lets join them, shall we?

This space in my MIL’s house was an extra room that really served no purpose other than a second guest room that was never used.   We decided to turn it into an office and make it a really beautiful and functional space.

Here is where it began once we had cleared everything out.



And this is what it looks like now:

Home Office Makeover Ideas


Alicia really needed a large linen closet,  what she had was this guy.  Womp womp.



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Geometric Himmeli Heart Tutorial

You guys are in for a treat today.  I am pretty sure that I have had 4 people guest post on Vintage Revivals in its entire existence.  What can I say.  I am a control freak.  Sometimes there are just people that you meet that you instantly love everything about that make you want to shout from the rooftops.  Jeran from Oleander and Palm is that girl for me. Jeran I love you and I dont care who knows it!!  She has got FANTASTIC taste and is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the chance to meet.  So without further adieu,  meet Jeran!


I’m so honored to be here on VR.  How cool is this?  Let’s start with, I’m a huge fan, because I am.  Every time Mandi puts something together, I’m blown away.  She knocks it out of the park every stink’n time.  You know what I’m talking about, that’s why you are here.  You too love her "out of the box", thrifty thinking mind.  This Christmas when I saw the Geometric Wreath tutorial, I ran (well drove really quickly) to Walmart to stock up on straws and wire.  I had to have this wreath in my life.  And it is, it’s in my living room, and it makes me happy every time I walk by it.  Around Valentine’s Day I started playing around with trying to make a heart version.  I tagged Mandi in my picture and she commented back right away.  After making many, many versions, I think this is the best and easiest one to make.  Anyways, to make a long story short, I’m helping to share how make a Himmeli style heart for your home.  It’s soooo perfect in Macie’s Boho room.

heart pic 4

So, there are lots of steps, but its really simpler to make then you think. 

heart 1

1.  You are going to start with good old cocktail straws and a piece of wire (20 gauge) about 2 yard long.  12 of the straws you will cut in half and the others you will leave whole (except for one little guy). 

2.  Start by threading 3 small straws onto the end of the wire and twists the ends tight together to make a triangle.

3.  Add 2 more small straws, make sure to pull them over the twisted ends of the wire.

4. Take those 2 straws that were just added and bend them into another triangle attached to the first triangle. Twist the end of the wire to hold the triangle shape

5.  Thread the wire back through the last straw added.


heart 2

6. Add another small straw to the tip of this triangle.

7. Use this last straw added to form a pyramid shape. Be sure to twist the end of the wire at the end of the join to hold the shape.

8. Add 2 more small straws to the tip of this pyramid shape. 

9. Bend these 2 straws to make another triangle coming off of the pyramid.

10. Thread the wire back through the last straw added.

11. Add another small straw and attach it to form to back and back pyramid shapes.

12. Now add another 2 small straws and bend them to make another triangle shape.


heart 3

13. Ok, stay with me…. thread the wire back through the last straw added so that it comes out at the point of the newly formed triangle.  Now add one more small straw and close the shape to make structure that looks like 3 pyramid joined together.  You are 1/2 way there!

14. Repeat steps 1-13 and make another tri-pyramid shape just like the first one. (Don’t hate me, you’re going to love this geometric heart when it’s done.)

15. Now the fun begins, your little heart is going to start to take shape.  Woohoo, get excited!  Ok, now place the two shapes side by side with the wire ends on the bottom, against the work surface, join the two shapes together with a small straw piece.  From center back of one to the center back of the other.

16. Now you are going to need 6 full length straw and one the has about 1 cm (it’s my Canadian coming out, just less then 1/2")  trimmed off.

17. Add 2 long straws to the wire.

18. Bend them to make a point for the bottom of the heart.  Twist the wire in place to hold this shape.


heart 4

19. Now, this might not happen to you, but I ran out of wire length.  It’s an easy problem to fix, just twist another length of wire the the end and you are good to go.  The join will be hidden inside the straws.

20.  Thread the wire back through the last straw added so that the wire come out at the tip of the bottom of the heart.

21. Add another long straw and join it to the center of the first heart hump (yes, that is a technical term).

22. Now thread the wire through the short straw at right beside it so that it comes out at the center of the heart (right in the middle of the 2 heart humps).

23. Add the straw that is just slightly smaller to this center spot.  Twist the end of the wire around the bottom tips of the other straws and then add another long straw and attach it to the top of the heart again.  It’s a lot of up and down here, you can see it taking shape though.

24.  Thread your wire through the small straw again so that you can add another long straw and attach it to the bottom point of the heart.

heart 5

25. And FINALLY you can add the final long straw and attach it to the back of the heart!  Yay, you did it!  Trim your wires and pat yourself on the back.  I’m so proud of you. 

I painted one of mine copper (because copper anything is awesome).  You can of course make your heart bigger or smaller, just follow the proportions and make the smaller straws half the size of the longer ones.  Happy himmeli heart making!

heart pic 2

heart pic 6

heart pic 1


Me again!  For Macie’s Himmeli Heart I actually made it out of 1/4” brass tubing (you can find it here)

Brass Geometric Himmeli Heart Tutorial


Now before you go, let me steer your click in the right direction.  You absolutely need to pop over to Oleander and Palm.  Here are a few of my favorite posts:

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Golden Straw Bunting


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And trust me when I say, there is SO much more where that came from.

See you guys tomorrow!

Love Your Guts

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