The Ever Intrusive Future Homeowner

How would you solve this situation?

You are decorating your entire house for someone you’ve never met.  You have no idea if they are male or female, a family with 7 kids, or an elderly couple.  You have nothing to go off of as far as likes or dislikes, you literally know NOTHING about them.  You also have no idea when they will move in.  But you think about them. You think about them every time you want to be brave enough to change a paint color.  You think about them when you pick out your lighting.  You think about their opinion with every single home decision that you make.

Sounds sort of insane right?  THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS!!

Helloooooo its hard enough to make up our own minds when we know every single thing about ourselves.

One of the biggest things that come with homeownership is the resale value of your house right?  I get it.  But here’s the thing.  Those people?  They don’t live there.  You do!

Whenever I think about this future homeowner I always picture a nerdy guy with a comb over and a sweater vest tapping me on the shoulder saying (in a nasally voice) “But I don’t liiiike brick.”

He kind of looks like this guy from our family Christmas pictures:


(Ironically this is a picture of my husband who actually does own our house…)

People have bad taste, its just the way it is.  What if the future owner of your home has horrible taste?  Does that mean that you have to live in a place that caters to his sad sad world? In order to not do anything to offend the maybe future homeowners we feel like we need to do things that are inoffensive.



The boob light.


WHYYYYY??  You know what is offensive?  Boobs. On your ceiling!

How about beige?



Southern Utah is full of beige builder grade houses.  Trust me, I bought one.

So in a effort to keep our homes in the pristine beige world that they entered as, we just leave it?  So that Joe Blow will maybe want to live there someday?

You guys.

Think about your favorite room that you have ever seen (in person or online).  I am willing to bet that it’s not builder grade neutral with boob lights.  I am also willing to bet that there are people that fiercely love it and people that hate it.  That’s not bad!

There are so many things that you can do to inexpensively update your house and not decrease it’s value.  Like paint.   Its just paint, you (or the new homeowner) can always take it back to its beige-y beauty if it is so desired.

But more importantly, what can you do to make your home a place that you love?  There is something that needs to be said for understanding that yeah, this might not be your dream home. But still doing your best to make it that way is ok!

Everything is going to offend someone, and guess what?  You’re the only one that has the power to change what offends you in your own home.

I was talking to some friends this week, one of them is building a house and asked if it would be a horrible idea to paint the kitchen cabinets white because it is on trend and it will go out of style eventually.  Here is what I think, if you love it DO IT!  Everything will go out of style.  Except Taylor Swift, she never goes out of style (now you have that song stuck in your head, sorry.)   Everything you put in your house has a timestamp on it.  It’s what makes the world go round.  It’s what gives you nostalgia.  Think about it, classic styles still evolve and that is not only ok, its AMAZING!

So lets make a pact, if you have beige walls and boob lights, and hate them lets change it!!  Don’t be scared, come into the light!  It’s way funner over here!

And tell that intrusive future maybe homeowner to shush it.



Let the Living Room Makeover Begin!! + Video

Its HERE!!  The moment that I officially un-officially move into a loft!!  There is a lot of information and awesome things to remember in this post, so if you are a skimmer, settle in cause you wont want to miss this!

VR_Intro Post_For Twitter

First things first, I have teamed up with GE Lighting to completely overhaul my living room AND entryway in 4 short weeks.  We are doing it real time Nugget style (hopefully with a few less redoing it twice projects…)  Every Thursday I will be sharing a #100reveal project that you can duplicate for less than $100 from The Home Depot and showing off the transformative power of GE reveal LED light bulbs (which will basically give you a room makeover in and of themselves) and a video (!!!) from the series that the unicorn sisters and I have been working on.

Also every week we are giving away (10) $100 Home Depot gift cards and a GE reveal® light bulb kit.

For all 4 weeks.  (Enter at the end of this post!)

That’s $4,000 to The Home Depot and GE reveal® LED light bulbs for 40 of my luckiest friends! 

So lets’ kick things off with the first episode in our video series shall we?  Janae did SUCH an amazing job on it.  Please pay attention at :33 and note how Court is TOTALLY ignoring me.  Its real life yo.



The living room.  I feel like having images that live forever on the blog makes people think that what they see is the reality at all times. 

Living Room Makeover @ Vintage Revivals-2-2


You guys.  How about a little reality check?

GE Reveal Light bulb-2

When the orange couch died we had to have some seating in there.  So I moved the Laundry Couch out of my bedroom and into the living room.  You know what a Laundry Couch is right?  The place that you store all of your clean laundry?  (Now that it is in the living room, we have a laundry floor.)

There are random chairs.  No rug or coffee table.  No art.  No desk.  The entire thing is just really depressing to look at.  Amiright?

GE Reveal Light bulb-3 

The obsession with living in a loft is what pulled me out of the funk.  I think its a great idea before you rip everything out and start completely over to stop and look at the space and see what things you LOVE and keep those.  Looking at the living room, the things that I loved were the black moulding around the windows.  I feel pretty confident in changing everything else. 

If you’ve been reading for a little while, you might remember the awesome Craigslist light that I had installed in Ashy’s room that was too little?



That cute light has haunted my dreams.  I knew that it needed to be in the living room, but the problem was that we had cut the cord seriously short when we were hardwiring it to the ceiling.  It is really easy to look at a light that has a less than ideal cord situation and feel like its not going to work, but the simple fact is that rewiring a light is one of the easiest projects you can tackle.

rewire 1


*One thing of note that will make you probably want to hurt puppies if you forget.  When you are wiring a light with wire that already has an outlet on the end you have to work backwards.  Start with the elements that are closet to the plug and work your way down to the socket…ie the chain will go on first, then the fixture loop, all the way down to the socket being last.  If you miss a piece or forget to do this you’ll have to rewire your socket.

Rewire 4 copy

Lamp cord has 2 wires.  The way to tell them apart is by the ridge on the outer edge of one.  The smooth wire is Hot and will connect to the gold screw in your socket.  The ridged wire is neutral and will connect to your silver screw.

Ok so have you guys ever used GE reveal® LED light bulbs?  I never had, and I was sort of dumbfounded at the difference they made.  They just make everything prettier.  Seriously.  I feel like I have totally been missing out my entire life not knowing about them!

Check out the difference.  (Both of these light bulbs are 60W)

Before GE reveal LED Light Bulb   


So not only is the GE reveal® light brighter, but can you see the color difference?  All of the dark yellow tones are gone!  You guys.  This is like Photoshop in real life.

Last bit of info, to kick off the festivities I am co-hosting a twitter chat with Nicole from Making it Lovely and Brooke from All Things Thrifty TONIGHT at 8:30 EST! Join us using the #100reveal hashtag for lots of DIY talk!

VR_Twitter Chat_For Twitter copy_rev


Before you go don’t forget to enter the giveaway for 1 of the 10 $100 Home Depot gift cards and GE reveal LED packages that I’m giving away this week!  All you have to do to enter is comment below and let me know what project you are going to tackle when you win!   Giveaway rules and info are here.

ge_reveal_giveaway copy


Good luck!