Chill Man.

Dear Readers on the Upper East Coast,  please don’t hate me.

The weather in St. George this week has been freaking amazing, T shirts at the park kind of amazing.  I was planning on saving this tutorial until things warmed up everywhere, but I thought the survivors of #blizzard2015 would appreciate the irony?  Maybe?

Cricut Explore Camping Project

Tell me that is not the cutest vintage cooler that you have ever laid eyes on. (2 secrets!  Its not actually vintage, and you can totally make it!!)

Does anyone recognize that font?  Possibly from this project?  Jamie the Amazing designed an entire font (by hand!??!) and this is just one of the projects that we are using it on!  Its so good right?  We are in the process of turning it into a downloadable real life font as we speak, so creating with it will be snap!

Those of you with a Cricut Explore are the luckiest ones that don’t have to wait!  This project is available right now as a Make It Now project!

So here is how it goes down.  The cooler is completely adorable and currently for sale at World Market.  Once you have your cooler (or art, or pillow, etc.) all you have to do is load the materials into the Explore and click Make It Now.

Once the Explore has expertly cut the materials (vinyl in my case) you weed it (take out all of the bits that are not part of the final design) and you are left with something like this:

Cricut Explore Camping Project-3


Then you cover it with a piece of transfer tape:

Cricut Explore Camping Project-4


Line it up on the cooler so that it is level:

Cricut Explore Camping Project-5

Lift up the bottom of the transfer tape (don’t peel it all the way off or else it wont stay level!) and remove the vinyl paper.

The press it down and smooth it out with a scraper tool or a credit card.

Cricut Explore Camping Project-6

Cricut Explore Camping Project-7

Pretty cute right?

Hope you have a cool day!  (Har har har)



Durango’s Remodel: Brick Brick Brick

You might remember that we are currently overhauling our family restaurant Durango’s Mexican Grill.  (You will most definitely remember if you are in St. George and a frequent customer because the restaurant is still open for business!)

There were a few main goals when the reno began.  Open it up, update the vibe.  The first project in was the facade wall (you can read all about it here!) the next big project was to take out the overhead walkway and brick everything!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.09.54 AM

We (Court) demo’ed everything in a day and we’ve been working on getting it spruced up ever since.

The plan?  White brick.  I know what some of you are thinking.  “Wont you have to clean it more if its white?”  The answer is obviously yes, and honestly is that really a bad thing?

It is pretty fantastic when the stars align for a project.  I was over at the bestie’s house talking about reno ideas and told her about the plan for brick and how I had no clue where to source it (this is when I was planning on laying it myself because I am the type of person that underestimates the scope of a project 10 out of 10 times.) Guess who’s family has a company that does exactly that?  You guessed it!  If you are in Southern Utah and itching for some brick/rock work you will want to call Squire at Quickstone Inc. 435-632-5272 they have been AWESOME to work with.

Working on a space that will be used by thousands of people is really different than working on a house.  EVERYTHING has to be highly functional, highly durable and highly cleanable.  The original plan was to have the brick mason’s make the brick white, but there were a few problems with that.  The whitest that it can be made was a really light beige (see picture below).  It would also need to be sealed afterwards (so that it could be wiped down) and it was more expensive because of the materials that had to be used to make it whiter.

White Brick In Restaurant-7

After going over the situation, we decided that it would be better to have the masons make it as inexpensively as they could and then we would paint it after it was installed.  This fixed all 3 problems.  The paint was white, the brick was sealed (and if some annoying teenager decides to draw a wiener on the wall we can just touch it up) and it was less expensive. 

So the brick went in!  (We are in the middle of replacing the ceiling tiles and prepping them for paint so don’t mind that little situation.)

White Brick In Restaurant-2

What a huge difference right?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.09.54 AM


The brick also behind the counter and on the giant pink arch (don’t worry, we are taking out those windows and planter boxes too…someday…)

White Brick In Restaurant-3


For paint I decided to use Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in High Hide White (if they don’t have that color at your local SW its just 3 oz of white pigment added to the extra white base) 

White Brick In Restaurant


We decided to paint before the grout went in because I want a little bit of color variation that I could control.    Once the grout is in, the plan is to roll diluted white paint over the whole wall again to soften the grout lines and make it look nice and old. but painted. but still old.  You know what I mean right?

White Brick In Restaurant-8

White Brick In Restaurant-4

I am beyond in love with it.  Makes me want to put it in my house….