Using Windows Live Writer on a Mac

Non-bloggers beware, your eyes might glaze over during this post (or if you are totally not interested come back tomorrow, I am sharing a few cool thrifting finds from the weekend!).  For bloggers who are caught in the turmoil of blogging with Windows Live Writer or using a Mac, you will want to kiss me on the mouth.  Its ok, I will just be prepared next time we see each other.

 How To Use Windows Live Writer on a Mac

Windows Live Writer is HANDS DOWN the best blogging tool that this technology filled world has to offer.  Seriously,  if you are a blogger and have never tried it, it will change your life. 

If you are unfamiliar with the capabilities of WLW, how does auto sizing and watermarking your images sound? (pssst detailed tutorial for that here!)  Maybe auto linking URLs to specific text?  Writing posts offline and being able to save drafts to your computer hard drive?  Those are just a few of my favorite features.

3 years ago the dinosaur desktop that I was using died.  RIP old friend.  I had just discovered the wonderful world of Windows Live Writer (WLW from this point forward)  and had a very small budget for a replacement.  I ended up with an HP that lasted a year and 1/2.  When it died after such a short time, it was December of 2012 & I needed a new computer stat. I KNEW that the blog was quick becoming more than just a hobby, but all of the research that I had done online indicated that there was nothing created for a Mac that was as wonderful as WLW.  I bit the bullet for a few weeks and researched the crap out of using WLW on a Mac.  The info that I found said that theoretically it could be done using Parallels and Windows but no one that I could find had actually tested it.  The unknown was just too much for my feeble heart.  I ultimately decided that WLW was more important.  I bought a Lenovo and spent just over $1,000 on it,  hoping to make it at least to the 2 year mark.

Guess what?  It died.  After a year and 1/2.  Apparently that is the lifespan of a PC in my world.  It was time.  I needed a Mac but WLW is literally the most important thing to Vintage Revivals (after a camera, and soap to wash away the thrift store grime).  Luckily for me in the year and 1/2 that I was swearing my guts out about stupid ugly Windows 8, a few of my blogging friends who were equally as addicted to WLW as I was, decided to test the Parallels/Windows theory.  Guess what?  It works!!

So for all of you bloggers who feel like they are having to choose between the program that makes their blogging lives easier, or the computer that will make their ENTIRE life easier I have great news.  You can have both!!

All you need to do is install Parallels and Windows (I went with Windows 7 because I HATED Windows 8) and had the guys at the Apple store install them for me.

Once they are installed open Windows –> Internet Explorer –> Search Windows Live Writer (or click this link) and download it.

So the question “Can you use Windows Live Writer on a Mac?” is answered with a resounding YES!!  And now you know just how to do it!

No inner turmoil, no buying a new computer every time the wind changes.

Love Your Guts

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The Nugget: Assessing The Damage and Demo

Dudes!  We are overhauling a 1972 Bell Travel Trailer!  Follow the entire series from the beginning here!


Vintage Trailer Renovation vintagerevivals


Let the demo commence!  When we bought The Nugget we knew that there was a few places with water damage.  It didn’t appear to be horrible, but it was definitely there.   After being alive for 40 years, you might be a little leaky too, am I right?  Besides the old leaks that had been plugged up with caulk, there were a few skin problems that needed to be addressed, and some electrical kinks to work out.

The previous owner had repaired some wood damage on the backside and cut through the siding instead of taking it off.  So obviously that had to be fixed.  There was also a large hole and dent in the front that needed a repair job.

Vintage Trailer Renovation

Vintage Trailer Renovation


There is some great info on the internet, but you know how sometimes you just want real answers from a real person, that can just tell you what you need to know?  That is how I was feeling.  So we hooked up the little Nugs and set out for an RV store in St. George.  The first place that we stopped at was really nice looking,  they had a lot of staff, and they did not feel excited about helping me.  We’ll just leave it at that…

So we went on down the road to Jim’s RV.  You guys.  Jim was THE BEST.  His shop wasn’t as fancy pants as the other place, but he was so helpful!  One of the technicians came outside with a notepad and wrote down all of the things that needed some love.  The best part was that the technician actually lives next door to the people that I bought it from!  What a freaky small world!!  He assured me that they had taken great care of it, and that it was a great buy.  I mean, who doesn’t love to be reassured when you are charting  new waters?  I ordered a lot of the things that needed to be replaced from Jim (we will talk about this in the next post) and we took the little Nugs home to start demo.

The first thing that we did when we got home was strip the paint on the outside.  When you are working with aluminum you have to treat it like a baby chick.  Lots of love, gentle hands, and soothing words.  Mark told us that we might need airplane stripper (did anyone else get a Britney Spears “Toxic” mental picture there?) but guess what?  Airplane Stripper sounded terrifying.  So I pulled out my trusty Citristrip, just so I could give it a try.  You. Guys.  that stuff is MAGIC!  It worked pretty much instantly on that old crusty paint.

 photo 4


After all of the paint had bubbled, we sprayed it off with a pressure washer.  Please don’t do this if you are having current leaking problems with your trailer,  like I said, The Nugget had water damage but all of the leaks had been plugged with caulk (not the best way to do it, but it worked well enough that water wasn’t coming inside).

 Stripping paint off of a vintage trailer

Stripping paint off of a vintage trailer 1


We stripped the paint first because I knew that windows and trim would need to come off for repairs and ideally wouldn’t be put back on until after the paint job.  This way we were able to get that out of the way without extra work.

We decided that instead of trying to salvage (an curse every time we saw them)  the damaged panels on the front and back, that we would just replace them.  So Court cut a piece off of the back and I trucked it to Jim’s RV so that he could match the pattern and order what I needed.  Hence the giant chunk that is missing on the back.  Also it is still white because we figured that it didn’t need to be stripped because we were chucking it anyway.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


To take off the skin, we first had to remove all of the trim and windows.  Removing a plastic strip unearthed the screws.

Vintage Trailer Renovation

Vintage Trailer Renovation 

This lovely sight below is putty tape.  It is on EVERYTHING.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Do you remember Putties from the orig Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?  Yup. Pretty sure that the creator of that character (that never seemed to go away) was channeling his trailer restoration frustrations into his work.


Sorry about the tangent.  Give your window a little wiggle and you will have window removal success!

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Your other trailer restoration nemesis?  Staples.

Once you have successfully freed your skin from the frame of your trailer you get to step back and…cry?

Jk. Don’t cry yet or you will have no tears left by the end of the day.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Finally revealing the wood underneath show a combo of damage and surprisingly undamaged bits.  The ends where the corners were leaking had damage, and where the original tail lights had been had damage.  But some of it was stained vs. being rotted.  So it looks worse than it really was.  Give it the old “stab with a screwdriver test” to see how it holds up.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


The back right corner was where we anticipated the most damage based on the condition of the walls inside.  The wood was very flakey and underneath the window it was paper thin.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


You can see in the picture below that just pushing on it split the paneling.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Welp, we were right.  This is 1000% where the most damage lived.  The crazy thing is that sometimes only one or two of the boards are damaged.  In the picture below you can see that the horizontal board has it the worst, but look at the small vertical board right above it that is framing out the window, no damage at all.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


We took out the bunk so that we could actually work in there.  .

Vintage Trailer Renovation


When the bunk was removed Court used a utility knife to cut through the paneling so that the entire piece could be taken out without having to take off the whole skin side of the trailer.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Once the paneling was off we could really assess the damage.  The vertical edge 1×4 piece was in fantastic shape with a little bit of staining on it, except for the spot where the horizontal piece stapled into it.  The wood had been eaten away there.

We took all of the bad wood off of the back…

Vintage Trailer Renovation


And then decided since we were already this far that we would just take it all off.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


Let me stress the importance of wearing masks, gloves and using bleach if you are working with potential mold.  Spray the wood down before you handle it if you are even a little bit concerned about the problem.

Vintage Trailer Renovation 


Its pretty crazy to see the ENTIRE backside just gone, right!?  There were a lot of deep gulps involved, that’s for sure.

Vintage Trailer Renovation


If you are just tuning in, you can see the entire series here!

Huge thank you to my friends at The Home Depot for their support of this project.  HUGE.

Up next?  Rebuilding!

Love Your Guts

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