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Happy Friday you guys!!!

You know when you fall down the rabbit hole and discover AMAZING new blogs and you don’t know how you lived without them?!  Yes? Me too!  Well add this baby to your must read list…


BEN UYEDA YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!!!!  I just had to get that off of my chest.

You guys.  The out of the box thinking that Ben from HomeMade Modern has is mind blowing.  For the love of all that is good in the world, someone get this man a gold star!!!


HomeMade Modern DIY EP2 Media Console Step 4

Completely obsessed with the idea of stacking plywood for a cool layered look.  This media console is just so good.


HomeMade Modern DIY EP13 Geometric Doghouse Options

I mean, is it even possible to be more amazing than this?  Geometric Dog Bed


HomeMade Modern DIY Pipe Bench Options

At first glance, this bench seems like a cool thing, but nothing too over the top.  Until you realize how it is put together.  Genius.

Go and have your life changed.

And inquiring minds are dying to know,  what blogs do you love?

Love Your Guts

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Stock Up at the Newsstand

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know (in case you were wondering which magazine to peruse in the check out line at the grocery store) that I have a few fun features this month!  I am sure the checkout lady will be uber impressed that we know each other.

Best of Flea Market Style (this is a year long issue, so it will be available for a while!)

Vintage Revivals Magazine-1


DIY Magazine August 2014  Miss Ivie was pretty excited to see herself in this one.

Vintage Revivals Magazine-2


Real Simple Magazine August 2014

Vintage Revivals Magazine-1-2


Its back outside to work on The Nugget for me today.  If anyone wants to come and spray me with a Super Soaker while I am sweating like an elephant I would really love you for it.  Also, do elephants sweat profusely?  Because that was the visual image I was going for…

Love Your Guts

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