Alex’s 72 Hour Apartment Makeover | Before

Decorating a rental can be seriously hard.  Most (ok, ok, all) of the projects that I do don’t reeeeally involve rentals…at least rentals that cant be altered.  So I guess I could say that theoretically decorating a rental is hard. 

Until now.  I’ve earned my patch.

My brother in law Alex just moved to a new apartment in LA and at the very last minute (like the day before) we decided to take a road trip and help him spruce it up.

It is the beigest of beige and exactly what you picture when you think of a typical rental. Popcorn ceilings, bad linoleum, oatmeal carpet, beige walls, and the worst thing…vertical blinds on every window.

48 Hour Apartment Makeover-7

48 Hour Apartment Makeover-5


There are a few things that were working for him.  The ceilings in the main room are really tall.  Like super tall. When you open the blinds there are some massive windows hiding behind them.  He also had a few pretty good pieces of furniture, but it wasn’t doing him any favors.

In a perfect world I’d repaint, rip out the carpet, and throw those stupid blinds into the ocean.

But in the real world?  The paint and carpet cant be changed.  The popcorn ceiling has the privilege of staying intact. The windows are west facing and the blinds have to be closed the second 1/2 of the day or else its 9000 degrees in there.  So no ocean.

48 Hour Apartment Makeover-3


All of that coupled with the fact that we were only in Cali for 72 hours and completely unprepared with tools and supplies made for a whirlwind room makeover.  The plan was to throw down a few rugs and freshen up the couch with new pillows.  Psssh.  You don’t need tools for that.

Of course that didn’t happen.  Though I don’t know why, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I cant do small things.  A few pillows?  Its just not real.

Here’s the thing. Renting is real life.  But just because you cant alter the actual space doesn’t mean that you cant have a beautiful home.  And I am seriously sorry if I’ve ever made you feel like if you cant repaint you are S.O.L. There is SO much you can do…you just have to get creative.

48 Hour Apartment Makeover-2


I cant wait to show you what we did!  But I have to know, looking at this space, what would you do?  How would you make this feel like home?


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